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  1. Does that make them a horrible D1 program?
  2. Step up and call the guy out for the misinformation then.
  3. I do think Coopers playing 6a teams in the past will help. Cooper may be a team everyone is taking about later in the year.
  4. So when SKfan says SK player will crush or said team is bad. We are going to let that go?? If you can dish it out be ready for the response.
  5. Last year the Dixie Cooper Scrimmage a poster said the best players are the SK players in the stands. Lol. Dixie crushed SK x2. Had Two d1 players vs SKs 0.. But many SK players got d1 looks. lol. To funny. SK kids would never go to a sad D1 school like APU. But wait. One of the best players that will be a senior wants to send tape and talk to austin Peay.
  6. Your telling me a kid would pick a D2 over the OVC! Lol. OVC in football is a top 5 FCS! If the OVC schools offered a ride kid would pick it. Better football. By far. TV. Playing FBS schools. A chance to get seen vs..........
  7. No. Not true. Olmstead was offered a half by the OVC team. If your that good why doesn't muti teams offer you a ride? Sure the OVC offered a half. Why. They don't think your good enough to offer a full. End of story.
  8. Marksberry is trying to keep his job with all the D1 talent and nothing to show for it. Wait.... There isn't any D1 talent.... Well in the minds of some there is endless. lol.
  9. This is a thorn in the side of SK fan. How can a QB Have all the D1 offers and not SKs QB?? Lol.
  10. Just like an SK fan. When you have kids on SK that wish they could get an offer from sad APU. Lol. In fact when SK player came to me and ask who do I need to talk to at APU!! To funny.
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