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  1. What does it matter if JV is over already? I have seen a many JV kid's playing Varsity games this past couple weeks and playing darn good on O and D sides. I will say this much I have seen a couple who should be playing both ways. Highlands may have a smaller than normal D line but #33 is a awesome player and gets his butt in when needed to get the job done. I also like 44. I hope to see a lot of the JV players out this game I think some of them have a lot to offer .
  2. The birds did just fine without Tyler playing. And yes Boone county had a huge d line but I think the birds d line handled it just fine. My hope is that Tyler will be healthy enough to play this Friday but if not they will manage without him
  3. Actually if it involves a child yes it does. And also he would not be back if it was STILL under investigation. The school board has to tell IF ASKED was he removed from services with or without pay.
  4. The hush hush is a problem all in itself I would think. I have family members who attend the school and will see what I can find out. Now I know if something like this was to happen in Newport school as we all know it has you can call a meeting and demand it be made public. Any thoughts? It helped the Newport parent's get answers several times. Just a thought?
  5. Yes a lot was getting injuries. I'm guessing it was the ground because the baby birds was playing nice. In fact I was ready to leave the first half it was so boring.
  6. You always have that one MOTHER or FATHER who yells stuff such as that which is why I do not sit next to my wife. I thought I was watching a episode of the doctor's with all the injuries grant county was having.
  7. Gosney was the qb. Then he got hurt and Johnston took over. Just pray Gosney wasn't hurt that bad. My nephew said he overheard he was hurt pretty bad. Pray that is not the case
  8. Why? Because they new Defense had full control of the game. So the question would be why wouldn't they have.
  9. It was a phenomenal game. Vaseline or not the boy's came onto the field with one thing in mind and it paid off.
  10. Yeah well everything must come to a end my friend lol. I bet you won't have one this year.
  11. My post are not to bash the football program. However with that being said I still feel that JV should be used for the young men who get no playing time. The comment on watching the film with some of the other fathers yes but it wasn't with coaches you can believe that. Many of the parents agree if the coaches put more priority on the frosh and JV games that could make a huge difference in the up coming classes. Give the young men a chance to play . Would that really hurt the program cmon
  12. Because it was our games. We the whole family was a parts of the team. That is what parenting is about. Why are you always looking for a confrontation? Yes my son quit for many many reasons ok.
  13. They may tape the home games but if they do they do not go over them with our boy's. The Varsity team I'm not sure what they are or are not doing but I do know they are not at our games.
  14. They do not watch film with the boy's nor do they tape it. I may add they do not even go to the games to watch what will be the future Varsity boy's. Makes one wonder why Highlands is down huh?
  15. And that is all I am saying. All to often we go to these games only to find our boy's are being pushed back so these Juniors can play. And that doesn't so much bother me but when you have to sit and listen to parent's acting like look at my son isn't he the best and your son is benched that is hurtful to the children and me and my wife. We all have to pay that fee every year would I have paid it knowing my son was not going to play NO
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