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  1. Ballard looked okay, but we have a lot of work to do. Go Colts!!
  2. Snakesnot, I am just smiling reading your posts buddy. Congrats to Mayfield 2A State Champs
  3. Praayers from DeSales High School and Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville
  4. It doesn't matter what I think because the scoreboard says it all.
  5. That comment about the DeSales defense was not positive or encouraging.
  6. Dkincer we did the best we could do and played hard, Don't belittle the kids and how hard they worked. I know it is easy to type up sarcastic comments, but like someone informed me, the kids read this stuff. I know I made the same mistake.
  7. Morpheus we got beat okay? Yes, we thought our defense was good, but enough is enough. Let it go, show some class!
  8. Well go ahead big baller call people out. That is the classy thing to do.
  9. Snake, sorry I did not call you, I lost my phone at the dump hotel we stayed in. Super8=roach motel, no joke. Great game by your boys! War Memorial, where dreams died. Emotional weekend with a senior playing his last game.
  10. Snake, what is the local weather forecast looking like?
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