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  1. Im not sure how Fleming could have controlled the game 3 out of 4 qtrs... They only had one first down in the first half and that was on the 65 yrd pass play.
  2. Still not sure what to think of Russell but I do believe Ashland is still trying to find its identity on both sides of the ball. Russell does seem to have a pretty solid defense so for that reason Ill take the Devils
  3. Congrats Russell! Rooting for you guys in every game but 1 per year.
  4. The QB Crump from Fleming is a pretty good ball player. I kinda thought they were a little "overrated" but that kind of offense with just an average qb in high school is pretty tough to stop. He got in a rythm in the 2nd and I thought for sure they were gonna come back. Great job Musketeers fighting back still a lot to improve though. Get ready for the Rams next week
  5. GC picks up a first down. Fumbles on the next play but recovers. FC burns last t.o. 35 sec to play.
  6. They go for and dont get it Gc takes over in FC territory 3 min to play
  7. Kickoff returned all the way TD Greenup! PAT good GC 31 FC 30 4:50 4TH
  8. 44 yrd td pass Fleming goes up 30-24 with 5:03 to play. Fleming qb and recievers have played a heck of a 2nd half. Making tough catches and big plays when they need it
  9. Fleming takes over at thier own 42. Around 4:45 to play
  10. Gc subs Qb. Dont think there is an injury to Hunt just think Grizzle is trying to find some offense
  11. D steps up again! Strips the ball and recovers around 6:00 left to play
  12. Gc def steps up and forces punt but bales Fleming out with running into the kicker
  13. Can you tell I graduated from Greenup? Lol Awesome grammer!
  14. Greenup was driving but on a good catch by wr Greene was stripped while going down out of bounds Fleming came up with it out of bounds and the refs ruled it an int
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