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  1. Scott County will win by whatever they want to win by. They will probably sit their starters in the 4th.
  2. What are the remaining teams rankings?
  3. MS is a well coached bunch. They fought hard and played smart.
  4. There were several college coaches watching the game; BC, Minn, UG, ND, Ala that I saw.
  5. Awesome game, WC shot 50 free throws making 42, Eli was 25 of 28 from the line. Samuel Souers helped his buddy Eli with 16 points. Huff from MS had a strong night with 20.
  6. In the regional rankings, he has Franklin County over Woodford County. WC just beat FC a couple of days ago??????
  7. Am I the only one thanking God for the opportunity to play in a tough region and see all of these boys play with such heart. Thank you Lord.
  8. A hard fought game to the last second. Eli Boggess made a basket with 17 seconds left in the game. After a time out FC brings the ball into their half court offense. After jabbing at WC's defense Rowe drove the ball missed and a scrum of boys rolling on the ground for the loose ball. As the ball was being slapped by seemingly every boy on the floor the time ran out. What a game. In the last minute and a half there were 6 lead changes.
  9. Joker, did you get my email. I am premium member and struggle with the private stuff.
  10. Samuel Souers of Woodford County should be higher; 16 points/game, 3 threes/gm at 43% from three point range. I think the only guy that is better than that in the region is Trent Gilbert. I haven't seen his stats but I have seen him play and I am sure that Trent is the best shooter. Samuel is efficient and can erupt for 6 to 10 points in a few minutes even when the other team is keying on him and Eli Boggess.
  11. Woodford County is one of those teams. We have taken our lumps but in the last 3 games we played West Jessamine, Bullitt East and South Oldham. We were 1 possession difference in each game in the last click of the clock, beating BE and losing to WJ and SO.
  12. You got me. We played just about everyone. Outside of Scott County there is a bunch of teams that could rise up.
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