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  1. I think most fans want to see Augusta/St. Patrick final. Plus technicals called in the Nicholas County game are not revelant for this post. No one was ejected or suspended and all are playing in the district tournament. Go Saints!!
  2. Wow. A little jealous of St. Patrick. You are an expert even with regards to our basketball and their scheduling. If you were so interested in the game, you should have been in attendance. Mason County coaches were there. Maybe you should give them a call.
  3. St. Patrick’s athletic director was there and so was the radio station from Maysville. St. Patrick did nothing wrong. If they did, it would have stopped with her there. She does not tolerate unsportsmanship. Maybe wftm should broadcast it again. Listen to it closely. Running clock was stopped multiply times when it shouldn’t have.
  4. Another fact in the game, Silver Grove's coach didn’t call a time out the entire game.
  5. Look at the scoreboard. Bellevue beat them by 49, Villa Madonna 46, Calvary Christian 53 and 67, Robertson 49 and 55, and St. Patrick 42 and 56. So I don't understand why St. Patrick is getting criticized for this game.
  6. He did pull his starters. I was there. He played his bench most of the game. The kid who broke the school record, broke his own record. The score could have been a lot worse than what it was.
  7. He was able to practice until the transfer paperwork was sent to the khsaa. After that, he could not practice until he was ruled eligible.
  8. It didn't matter who drew for St. Patrick. They received the last pill in the bottle for each draw at the All A meeting today. If memory serves right a couple of years ago they played Silver Grove in the All A.
  9. St. Patrick was not the only school against it. Last year it was a 2-2 vote when it was discussed at the ad meeting.
  10. As a parent of one of the seniors you are talking about, I am appalled at your comments. You have no clue as to what you are talking about and remember these are kids not NBA players who make millions. Get a life and talk positive about these kids. Coach Taylor expected a lot from them. They did a lot for the team last year and they will be missed. They had leadership skills and were committed to the program. So you owe every senior on that team from last year an apology.
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