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  1. Its Nov 6. UK only needs to improve by about 50 or 60 points to have a shot at these guys in March
  2. Duke is going to score 110 points at this pace. Total beat down thus far. Things will get better for Cats, but they are light years away from Duke right now.
  3. Hope this game will be close. Still not sure Danville will be fully ready for the rebs at this juncture of the season.
  4. I would think if Lincoln can shut down Rock, then they will shut down a run dominant Garrard. Game may be close, but LC has too many athletes for this Garrard team from what I have heard.
  5. This has to have been an upset. After seeing Mad South vs Lex Cath, I thought this would be a win vs Garrard who had just lost at home to Powell
  6. KU (+15) on the boards and (+6) from 3pt land. To the victors go the spoils and a date with a team that is on its on roll. After all the upsets 2 #1 seeds and a #3 seed still in the Final Four with a true cinderella.
  7. After regulation KU (+16) reb, (-10) trnov, (+5) 3 pt
  8. Physicality and quickness of the KSU guards and their overall depth too much to overcome in the end. Cats did a lot of good things late in the year, just didnt have it tonight from the tip (down 13 to 1). Tied at 58 just couldnt get the last reb ( UK was +9 reb in game). On to next year GO Cats!
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