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  1. Actually if you take NDA out of the equation, it just looks like a good based on his coaching resume.
  2. Jerry Allen can teach and coach the game. Its a great hire for HC.
  3. Now they're off to college this summer... Mission accomplished.
  4. It was a hell of a ride but this pic right here is the best thing ever... IMO
  5. Wow you think Barnes cost HC games? I see you critique the seniors but neither Schrand. Instagram
  6. The funny thing is if I did have that job the players would have given me everything they had every time they stepped on the court...
  7. I've never said HC was a bad team. I think they were under served by their head coach. Last years team won in spite of the coach. Tyler Bezold has such a high bball IQ it was like having a coach on the floor, the defacto team leader.
  8. I'm guilty of that. I think he's a horrible head coach, always have because he's never proven me wrong.
  9. I've been a fan of S. McNeill since he was in the 8th grade. My point was HC doesn't play good D because the head coach doesn't make it a priority.
  10. That was a common occurrence this year. The head coach doesn't put much stock in playing lock down D.
  11. He was gassed playing out of position all year. I look forward to checking him out on the AAU circuit
  12. They have been friends since they were 7 and like family since middle school. I can't wait to see what the future brings for these 2.
  13. EKU offered a PWO before the visit, but once we arrived on campus no one engaged him on the visit so it was like he was just on a campus tour. Now keep in mind all the other recruits where being engaged, so it bothered the big fella that no one had anything to say to him. Offers from Ky State, U of Indy, GTown, UPike, KCU, CCU, Tiffin and some new contacts this week.
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