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  1. Believe he rolled his ankle after taunting the crazies. He made a 3 pointer, ran down the side giving a look to the crazies and fell.
  2. Always love this. Truly believe the players think it is funny as well, for both sides. Love seeing the pics, do we have any from tonight's game and specifically the Crazies on the inbound?
  3. This list means really nothing if you don't see Butler- DE and Shelton- LB on this list, both from CCH.
  4. Between Butler and Shelton, the defense is in great hands. Butler is a freak of nature, great speed with his size, has played many positions, which IMO can only help in recruitment wise. Watching Kam read screens is really a beautiful thing, I want to say that is his 3rd or 4th interception of a screen this season and has return more than 1 for a touchdown. As for Shelton, he has been calling the defense since Soph year I believe. Led team in tackles a year ago and was one of, if not the top tackler in 5A last year, and is currently leading the team now by a big margin, Butler and Best probably not too far off. Both Butler and Shelton are coaches on the field. From what I saw in Dixie game, Shelton called defense himself, rarely looking to the sideline. Pretty Impressive and definitely great for CCH to have such high football IQ on the field.
  5. Hit the nail on the head. Guys like Shelton and Maile did not come off the field, literally. Galvin plated a lot both ways along woth Anthony Best. Kudos to the kids for going the entire game and not "kicking it in" or begging to come off, but CCH has to do something to get those guys a break. They are human and they are kids. Secondary for CCH has a lot of work to do, coverage was very shaky at times. Offense ran ball well but could not punch it in. Oline played great and AJ had plenty of time to throw. Inaccurate passes and drops plaqued the Colonels once more. CCH showed fight. Ryle is dang good.
  6. 1 Ryle 2 Simon Kenton 3 Cooper 4 CCH 5 Highlands 6 NCC 7 Scott 8 Holy Cross - sleeper pick 9 Beechwood 10 Campbell Co.
  7. Heard at a graduation party over the weekend that CCH is bringing in portable lights for every home game this season, all except senior day. And they are even trying for that Senior Day game to be moved to Friday night. Looks like the good ole folks on Old State are losing the battle. Congrats to the CCH administration for getting one step closer to traditional high school football.
  8. Was kicked off team. Whether or not he chooses to transfer may or may not come. But was told Coach E wasn't going to deal with his attitude and lack of showing up to practice and sent him packing. Real shame. Could have been a great player but clearly never there mentally.
  9. Believe Angel was kicked off the team. So yes, those rumors are true.
  10. Think this will be a great year for QB AJ Mayer as he is now in his second year of this offense. Receiving, of course, was a BIG problem last year. Balls were dropped left and right. WRs this year need to cut AJ some slack. IMO I believe guys like France, Pike, Beagle, O'Connell, and possibly some younger guys will have plenty of chances and touches this season. After season young McGinnis briefly last season, I think he will get the nod at RB. Oline is going to be tall on the ends and strong in the middle with Zigglemeyer(sp) and Marc Mayer at tackle- both 6'5 and above- and Shelton/Galvin/Maile filling in the middle. Defense returns key guys on dline withe stud Kam Butler and Josh Galvin but graduate the rest. Not too sure who will step up to fill in empty spots at DL. Linebackers will return 2 starters and the teams leading tackler a season ago- Alex Shelton along with Jack Maile. Both are definitely football players. Secondary will be highlighted with Guys like Best, Theil, Wilson, and I have heard that young guys like Schneider will also see some time. This is all just what I have heard and going off of last season. Excited for the start. Anyone know spring ball dates? And same coaching staff?
  11. No problem with the list except for the following : Hendrix on 2nd team- impressed me more than any other DB this year. Talented and athletic No Shelton - really surprised at this. Would love to see his stats compared to others. I know for sure he has more than a few of the other LBs beat. No Racke- the kid can play the QB position. And he can play it well. IMO some seniors are making this list over some underclassmen based off seniority alone. With that being said, congrats to all players mentioned and honored. All a bunch of well deserving athletes.
  12. Surprised Covington Catholic's junior linebacker Alex Shelton didn't make the list. Led team in tackles and believe he was one of the top 3 in 5a if not the top, 112 so I've been told? Also believe Hendrix should be first team.
  13. You are also unaware that the administration shoots down anything even close to disrespectful. Heck, even when they imitate the coach and copy what he does, which in fact opposing fans and even Ludlow's coaching staff and Trinity players were all cracking smiles and laughing about. An incident has yet to happen on an inbound pass, or the administration wouldn't allow it and or the officials would move the players, so yes they are mistake free in that regard. Highlight of the night : Student section side ref made a questionable call and gave Trinity a Timeout, during the time out, a Crazie Said hey ref and ref turned around and saw the kid holding out glasses. The ref was nothing but smiles. Even they enjoy it.
  14. Oh boo hoo , the Crazies were just fine tonight, as they are every night. Saw Trinity parents laughing and enjoying them all night. They do that for every team who comes to play at CCH. They never touch the players. The refs allow it, and the administration allows it (and they don't allow much anymore). They were more than fine.
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