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  1. At one time, E-Town took down John Hardin. I want to say this will be a double-digit win for the Town, but I think Ashland has had a very special season, and they find a way to keep it close. Elizabethtown with a game winning 3.
  2. A shame these two have to play each other in the 1st round, but I guess that could be said about most games. I think the 2 big time seniors for Collins will not go down without a fight, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if they found a way to win. But, I'll take Male in a burner, by 5 late.
  3. If Stepp finishes with only 12-16, I think CCH handles them by double digits fairly easy. He's a very nice player, and in this tournament, the teams best player has to step up. I have the Colonels by 14.
  4. Agree. There is always someone trying to find a way to hand a trophy to the person on the losing end. Vinson got what he earned, "All-Tournament Team". The winning team's most valuable player should get the trophy, and did. NTM, the first time they played when CCH won by 26 and Green had 17 (on 6/7 shooting, and 5/6 FT), and was strong inside, and Vinson had 7 and and was 3/12 from the field. Vinson is a stud. I hope that he goes to NKU (but, he may end up higher level) and has a long, successful career, and I can cheer for him for the next 4-5 years. But, last night, Green earned it.
  5. I disagree with this. I agree that Vinson is very good, and likely the best player on the floor last night. If HHS won, he would have been the MVP. But, they lost. Vinson and team could not get over the hump. And, CCH did win, and Neil was the most valuable productive player on their team over the course of the tournament. You can't fault Neil for the talent that is around him, and where they would be if he wasn't there, just like you can't build Vinson up, just because his team isn't as deep or talented as CCH. CCH won so their most valuable player gets the award. That simple. With your logic, I could argue that DaeShawn White or Gavin Rabe or Ian Snelling should have won. Where would their teams be without them???
  6. Didnt play much in the semi-final either. Wonder what's up there? Albeit, I saw a bunch of people on here mention him in the beginning of the year as a D1 talent, and the next big thing at CCH, but haven't heard much about him lately. Hope the young man is okay.
  7. Didn’t hear this at all last year when they were winning a lot and beat CCH twice. Interesting take all the sudden.
  8. People act as though SK always has a ton of talent to compete in this region. I agree SK should get out of the district every year, but expecting them to win the region every year is silly. They had the talent to do it this year, but the 8th is loaded. South, Collins, and OC are all just as talented, if not more so.
  9. Round 1 Winner Predictions: South Oldham Collins Grant Oldham County Round 2 Winner Predictions: Collins Oldham County Region Winner Prediction: Oldham County This really should be a great tournament. I believe any one of 4 teams could win (SO, Collins, SK, OC). And, Grant could push some teams. Made the predictions for fun, but this tourney will be one to keep an eye on!
  10. Centers playing at a high level right now. Could be right, and could be a good game, but I see St. H with the horses to pull through in the end.
  11. I should have added Draud to this list also. Another crop of players to pay attention to are: Riley & Downton (Beechwood), Shea (St. H), Osterbur & Couzins (Conner), White & Nelson(Newport), Rabe (Cooper), McHale & Starks (CCH), Ahfeld (Highlands), Snelling & Geraci (Dixie).
  12. Nice review. I'll predict: St. Henry CCH Conner Highlands Very chalky, I know. But, the lower ranked teams like Cooper, Newport, and Dixie just haven't been consistently great at winning games this season, and I believe the teams they are playing are just plain better, and have better players. With that said, Conner vs. Beechwood is the most intriguing, and if their were an upset, that is the one that I'd pick. I'll also say, I like the "star" talent this year. Vieth, Bessler, Stocks, Disken, Green, Scott, Centers, Vinson, Muller... All names we've been hearing for a while. I hope these make for exciting games.
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