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  1. Allen County does return 2 really good players. They both hurt us last year. I think Sikes scored like 45 on us in 2 games, and Harper is a talented big man and was hard to handle inside. Teams will have a tough time stopping both of them this year. The problem for them will be their bench. They didn't play very many players the games I saw, (except for the little blonde headed guard, (good shooter)) so they probably won't have much experience. Everyone thought they would be the team to beat last year in the District, at least on paper. They had size and shooting. But the style they played took away their advantage. They would walk the ball up the court, very slow paced games. I don't remember them getting very few fast breaks the games I saw. They actually had the worst record in the district after being the favorite going in. If they play the same style this year it would be great for us. It would help keep the score close and then who knows. I think they lost like 10 games by 6 points or less last year. The style they play may keep the games close but apparently does not translate into wins. They only won like 10-11 games last year. Their offense requires a lot of passes, resulting in lots of turn overs. With the talent they have returning and add a couple of decent players they could be good but if they play the same style as last year it will probably be the same result. I don't see them beating Monroe or Barren this year and Glasgow will give them a good game if it's a slow paced game.
  2. Allen County lost 4 seniors that will definitely be missed, but they do return 3 starters and their top 2 scorers from last year and 2 of the best players in the 15th District in Sikes and Harper. They combined for 30 points a game last season and were 2 of 3 juniors named to the all season team in the 15th District. Both of them will be difficult to defend. Sikes is a 5'11" guard that is a dual threat, he can shoot the three and loves getting to the rim, Harper is 6'6" and moves up and down the court better than most bigs in the region and can shoot the outside shot well. Both are being contacted by various colleges. They will be looking for a few juniors to step in and contribute. Clarke has improved a lot since last year and should get some easy baskets if Harper gets doubled. If Allen can reduce their turnovers from last year and step up their defense they should have a good season and compete with every team in the region. They have the skilled players to make a run at District championship this year.
  3. Barren County lost several seniors last year including most of their scoring. But they do return a good core of players. Coomer, Mabe and Mathews got quite a bit of experience last year which will help. I think teams will have difficulty guarding Mathews. He's a big man with good hands and a nice looking shot. They also have a Glasgow transfer in Driver. He sat out all last year at Glasgow, so don't know if his skill set has improved but his size will definitely help them on defense and rebounding. Teams that run will be the ones that affect Barren the most. I think the key to beating them will be getting Mathews out of the game by playing fast or foul trouble. Force them to sprint back on defense. Of course they also have the best coach in the District and probably the region sitting on their bench. Cunningham has won the District the last 3 years and I wouldn't doubt he does it again. Only team I see able to beat them at tournament time would be Monroe, and that would be because of the talent on Monroe's team. Going in to last season some thought Barren would finish 3rd in District behind Allen and Monroe, at least on paper. But Cunningham is good at making changes and getting the most out of his players. His offense seams to be geared around his best players. They spread the court and put the ball in their best players hands and ask them to make plays. You may beat him in the season, but he will adjust and get you at tournament time. If Glasgow had him 3 years ago we win region. You would think that Barren would be down, at least with who the others have coming back, but I think they will be competing in the District championship, Allen will play a slow style which will only help Barren and Glasgow just won't have the talent this year. So I predict a Barren - Monroe championship game just like last year.
  4. Glasgow will be down this year. We lost six seniors and probably 95% or our scoring. We have a new coach in Mike Harris. Although it will be a tough year Mike is one of the best coaches around. We might not have as much talent but I guarantee they will play hard for him. People in Glasgow should appreciate what Mike has done, knowing it would be a tough year he stepped up and told the AD that he wanted it done right. I think he will only be there a year or two until a transition can be made for Stockton. Mike will be right up there with Cunningham as far as coaches go. We'll see what happens, but he will out coach most coaches and I'm sure we will give a scare to a few teams.
  5. I saw Wright play this summer and this kid is the real deal. Explosive, strong and can finish. Can't wait to see where he lands at the next level.
  6. Congratulations to Quentin!! Keep up the hard work!!
  7. Their back court will be very good this year. They will be fun to watch.
  8. Who all is playing in the camp this weekend? I might try and pick up a game.
  9. 4th Region: Although Bowling Green upset Warren Central in the District. I still think Central will be the favorite. But now Bowling Green knows that they can beat Central. Should be an interesting tournament.
  10. Warren Central looked good. Played fast. Coach's rotation kept fresh legs on the court. Allen County did cut the lead to 14 in the third but Central just played too well. The team shot very well from the three point line. Chris Porter Bunton in my opinion is the best player in the region. He played at the rim or above it all night. Made several outside jumpers and several nice moves to the basket. If Central plays that well the rest of the year just hand them the trophy. Official scoring: ACS — Sikes 22, Walden 17, Harper 16, Simmons 8, Cook 6, Spencer 5, Day 2, Carver 2, Williams 1. WC — Porter-Bunton 33, Savage 16, Carver 14, Green 13, Hall 6, Edwards 6, Moore 4, Amos 4, Caldwell 2, Baird 2, Anderson 2, Alexander 1.
  11. Allen County has had some tough breaks this year. Most of their losses have been by 6 points or less. This past week they played the #2 (Bowling Green) & #3 (Clinton Co.) teams in the region. Both games were close games. Allen County was down to BG by 4 and had the ball with 1 min left. BG stalled the ball and Allen County had to foul. BG hit all their free throws. Junior Jake Sikes had 20 & Junior Dylan Harper had 17 for Allen County. The Clinton game was almost Identical. It was a one point game with 48 seconds left. End up losing by 5. Clinton did a good job hitting their free throws at the end. For ACS Sikes had 15, Harper 14 and Walden 13. For Clinton Langford had 20. ACS just got all their players back from injury and seem to be playing better. Still need to cut down on turnovers. I think the region is up for grabs this year. Any given night you can be beat. 15th District will be a tough tournament.
  12. Barren Co defeated Allen County-Scottsville 61-59 12/10/2013. Great game. ACS lead by as many as 10 but missed layups and turnovers in 2nd have cost them. Barren Co. was led by Charlie McCoy with 18, Ben Leftwich had 16, Zach Mabe 9. Allen Co. Dylan Harper had 20, Jake Sikes 18 and Jarod Walden 16
  13. South Warren defeated Allen County 63-52 last Tuesday Dec 3rd. It was a tie game at half but South Warren took advantage of Allen County's turnovers to pull away in the 4th. Zach McDaniels had 15 for South Warren followed by Jordan Buchanon's 10. Jake Sikes had 21 for Allen County followed by Dylan Harper's 10.
  14. Good list. May be a few others in the mix but all of these would definitely be top 10 players.
  15. Barren will be down from last year. They lose 3 starters on their District Championship team along with most of their scoring. Charlie McCoy will be the go to guy as far as points. He will have to carry more of a load this year. Billingsly is another starter at point. He will need to look to score more than in past. Good point guard that runs the team well. Other players that will have to step up will be seniors Bo Hubbard and Ben Leftwich. Although Barren will be down and struggle to score they will be a good defensive team overall.
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