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  1. I thought the game was in Lexington, casual fans with tickets to the bb game would not go to a hs fb game that they also care nothing about. JMHO
  2. I can certainly agree with this one. You must understand the mindset of the GCLS. For the most part, they think that NKY football is equivalent to their Jr Highs. In Ohio playoffs it is all about the Harbin point. The only KY schools that they think is anywhere near them are X and T. I don't agree with that attitude toward KY schools, but that is their mindset. With that in mind, the Mighty Moe hired a CovCath coach in Rodenberg and that will not happen again. Been there done that once was enough. I look for Moeller to hire from within the GCLS as either the LaSalle coach or a GCLS assistant. I don't think any public school Head Coach will be on their list either, but that is just my opinion.
  3. Final numbers: 1A - 7,103 up 2,868 2A - 7,398 up 2,229 3A - 11,234 up 6,062 4A - 6,624 up 266 5A - 10,546 up 4,194 6A - 9,791 up 2,538 Total = 52,696 up 18,158 Average = 8,782.66 up 3,026.33
  4. I beg to differ, it won't be at this game unless it is in LOUISVILLE. They may have great fan bases, but they will NOT drive to Lexington. That is why at one time the 4A or the old 3A before 1975 was played in Louisville and the rest played in Lexington.
  5. According to the online program, they have never had 30K The largest attendance was the 2003 4A championship @ Papa John between X and T with a crowd of 26,430. The 2005 4A championship @ Papa John between X and T drew 21,424. The 1997 4A championship @ Papa John between X and T drew 22,760. Notice those games were in Louisville. This game's attendance shows that the X and T fans won't drive to Lexington to see these two play.
  6. Maybe the casual fan did not come out for T/X and Lexington is too far of a drive for the Louisville crowd.
  7. Since both Danville and Boyle County high schools are both inside the city limits of Danville and Tigerpride94 states that the city of Louisville was Title CITY, I just was putting the two cities on a level playing field by making it inside said city limits. Thus the way I phrased the question. I don’t have a dog in the fight since I no longer live in Kentucky.
  8. Just wondering, but how many state football titles are owned by schools inside the city limits of Louisville? If I recall, Trinity is in St. Matthews not Louisville, so theirs don't count.
  9. I think Eddie Eviston has been a high school head coach for 8 years and not 6 as his championships at NCC were in 2010 and 2012. Still quite impressive. He is 3-0 as head coach in State Title games.
  10. Division VI Champ (Marion Local) and Division VII Champ (Minster) are from the MAC conference. The MAC is in western Ohio, with most of the schools in Mercer County. The MAC has won 32 football titles in OHIO. They may be the best conference in Ohio, definitely the best small school conference in OHIO.
  11. I just checked Ohio attendance. They moved their championships from Columbus back to Stark County and played all in the Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton. For years, they alternated the games between Canton and Massillon. Their total attendance for 7 games was up by 6,071 from last year and averaged 8,786. KY has averaged 8,581. If 6A can have 9,811 KY will have a higher average than Ohio and if they get 18,597, Ky would outdraw OH with 6 games vs OH's 7. Not bad for a state that is not known for their football vs a state that claims to be one of the top 5 nationally in HS Football.
  12. I was not sure they would drive all the way to Lexington for the game. It is my impression that many don’t go that far for a game. The record for a state championship game is over 26,000, but that was when they played each other in Papa John in 2003.
  13. So far we have: A - 7,103 up 2,868 AA - 7,398 up 2,229 3A - 11,234 up 6,062 4A 5A 6A
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