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  1. Br. Thomas More Stadium at St. Xavier - 6,000 seats. Crowds near 7,500 and higher on big home game Friday nights.
  2. I agree with AT that it will be very low scoring. That is because I am rooting for the Tigers to win and if they have a shot it will have to be low scoring. Being shutout in two games already this season says how difficult it is for this offense to produce points. They move the ball really well, but can't finish drives. For them to win, they have to fight at the end of the drives and punch it in. The defense will have no problem containing Brooks, I believe. In the past, there has been 3 and 4 guys that St. X can't contain for the Rocks, but this year they really only have one to key on although I do recognize there are some young very talented wide outs that will play D-I before its over. Logan Butler and Connor Barnes have to have their best games at linebacker of their lives and keep Brooks in front of them. Too hard to make a score prediction right now, but if you made me... I say 7-6 in favor of the Tigers. Don't expect fireworks, just an ugly win that still counts as a win.
  3. I was and the Tigers looked ok... still not putting any stock into how a team looks in July during 7 on 7! It did show that the skill players for both Ballard and St. X will make a heck of an opener next month! QB Houk looked good back in the pocket and continues to take care of the ball. No interceptions the past two 7 on 7 outings. Quite impressive...
  4. Last season statistics there though. No more Nathan Roush. He was a great player, but not sure if they have someone to fill his shoes. St. X will hopefully have more to showcase with guys finally all returned from Track and Lacrosse that we didn't get to see in the Spring Practices or Game. Should be a fun night at the stadium. Go Tigers!
  5. St. Xavier will play DeSales, the defending 2A state champions, on Thursday at 6:00 PM.
  6. Learning how to lose to Butler, you mean? Come on, be real.
  7. It's a scrimmage I understand, but for the past three years, St. X has shown SK why they shouldn't be in the conversation each and every season right off the bat.
  8. Oh and throw in Henry Clay. They are my dark horse to win it all this season if it isn't going to be a Jefferson County team.
  9. Male, Manual, Scott County, St. Xavier and Trinity will be the teams to beat in my eyes. Yes, Manual because they are returning a ton of really good players and their youth is now experienced and haven't lost to Male, yet.
  10. Thanks for the info CoachJ. Sounds like a big test for the young cornerbacks of St. X's. Hopefully the same thing that happened last year with the weather doesn't postpone the Bluegrass bowl again there in week 2. That was miserable making the trip from Louisville two days in a row.
  11. Anyone know anything about Bryan Station? That's the week 2 match-up in the Bluegrass Bowl.
  12. Good win for the Tigers!! St. X defeats PRP 2-1 on the Strength of Great Pitching, Timely Hitting | WSTX Sports Watch Dalton, Hayden and Cam talk win over PRP | WSTX Sports
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