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  1. Much different time. Comparing apples and oranges.
  2. Post was presented to confirm that changes are needed in the future. I have never been a fan of playing out of your class. Not even for the reason of travel expenses or rivalries. The players should come first by providing them the best chance to succeed against schools of like size.
  3. Clearly they could try and find another Dale, however they are under weight in their class. From KHSAA Web Site. 5A schools range 724 to 505 boys 4A schools range 552 to 430 boys HHS average boys number is 486 and that is skewed due to two years (14-15) and (15-16). Since this is a HHS vs Conner thread - Conner has an average boy number of 707. That is 221 more boys than HHS.
  4. I completely understand there are a lot of conditions that need to be evaluated in making decisions on how to manage who gets time on the field. The success that HHS had in the past has drawn more guys to the team. Also Dale and Brian both worked together to get the buy-in for platooning. Getting more guys involved, having them focus on one task, keeping players fresh and limiting injuries while having a winning season are very good goals. However, today looking at "this good circumstance" has its limitation. I believe when the talent of the players drop off, the larger numbers work against a teams success. There is still football to play and I hope the coaches are seeking advise like you mentioned. From my perspective I am sure the coaches are working to find ways to get the best players more time on the field. Thanks for your input.
  5. Just a question? In your opinion how does a coach manage a game having 74 total players with 31 Seniors? 1) Play as many guys as you can by Platooning - Try and keep a good team chemistry 2) Play your best athletes, with some on both sides of the ball realizing a larger number of four year players will never see the field. Then deal with the issues that presents. There are special teams but that is normally where some of the younger guys get on the field. Looking at the roster the Junior's total 21 and the Soph total 22. So next year's player management may be a bit easier. Just interested in how a coach approaches the Senior class?
  6. Its true that the QB position talent compared to Lorenzen, Guidugli, Towles, and Hoge have greatly dropped off. However the "eights" and some of the "tens" were playing both ways under Dale. That is not happening today. Today the "eights" and "tens" are divided up Off and Def. (not evenly in my opinion) and they even get subbed when they are playing half of a game or more than half as the defense has seen a lot more playing time recently. I respect the desire to keep guys fresh and limit injuries however you are not going to compete in a higher class 5A or class 4A (Boyle) if you do not maximize the talent you have. From what I see, HHS has a lot of guys dressing 74 total per their roster with 30 seniors. All the guys are working hard to get better and I am sure the coaches are looking at ways to get them on the field as best they can. However this is a drain on the talent pool of "eights" and "tens" and will have an affect on the teams performance.
  7. HHS is close in size to 4A Boyle County. Just slightly more boys and they lost 30-0. Since HHS is playing up in 5A the talent issue is more pronounced. Maximizing talent on the field is especially crucial playing up in class and that is the coaches responsiblity. From my prospective the current system being used maximizes participation not talent.
  8. It's not just the offense that could use some help. There are athletic receivers that could help the DB position.
  9. The coach of HHS defense is not giving his one way players to the offense. When he coached the offense he did not share with the defense so why now. Sad to say, we all know in today's world winning is not everything. Its about kids participating - right? NOT.
  10. I think BW's use of those guys both ways were desperate times takes desperate measures. His priority as always been to platoon guys so they can focus on their position and keep them fresh and healthy. My issue has been the unwillingness to adjust the system to the talent level. Being a mid 4A size school playing in a very competitive 5A class requires a coach to be willing to make adjustments in personnel outside of your core system. The schedule for 2019 will present challenges and require adjustments to play guys both ways. Thru the season we will see if they can make the correct adjustments.
  11. Doesn't Highlands get some bonus points for playing up in class and winning titles? I believe the others on the list played in their assign class by KHSAA (boy population).
  12. I also believe that some of the best players on CCH will play at a higher level after High School than the current HHS talent. The only exception I see is Huddleston could compete with the CCH talent. However because the talent on CCH spends more time on the field than the HHS talent made a bigger difference in the outcome of this game.
  13. Unlike the HHS Coach, the CCH Coach is using their best talent on both sides of the ball. The HHS coach refuses to play guys both ways and apply their talent where it can be maximized on the field. The HHS head coach switch from OC to DC and took over the defense, his old position when Dale ran the offense. This change has made the defense much better than in the past. However the Offense has not improved as much. I believe as a mid size 4A school playing up is 5A the coaches have to maximize the use of their best talent. In the past the offense always had a strong quarterback, I am not seeing that now. I believe in part because they are not utilizing the talent they have and the QB play has been adversely affected.
  14. It would be interesting to see how many schools on this list played up in class and for how many years. Of course I understand you can't play up if your school is already in the largest class.
  15. The below link seems to have a good look at the action. Based on this video it looked like a good call by the ref. 3 min 19 seconds into the video.
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