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  1. So you're saying the new coach is not good and they will only win because of Hicks? Sounds like you may be one of the few who liked him. Saw them this summer and they didn't have a full squad and looked to be very good. I think they just might surprise you! Good luck coach Grammer and the Braves. I never said the new coach was "not good," but since you mentioned it... I will not be surprised if Grant does well, only if the new coach does as good a job as previous coaches. That will take a couple years to see. Time will tell!!! I forgot to mention Austin Johnson. Very good p.g. thinking pass first and shoot second. Also the best on the ball defender Grant has, possibly the 8th region has pound for pound inch for inch.
  2. With a new coach and the teams best player likely not returning I would say Grant will be mediocre at best. They will when some games because of the improvements they made with Hicks as coach but I feel that improvement will soon decline. Grant will need to get some scoring from players other than Hicks and Cummins. Both of these players don't need to settle for outside jumpers but attack the rim and mix it up. Saylor has to keep his head and not want to get in chest bumping matches, Adkins has to be a defender first and Grant will be alright. Good luck to the Braves PLAYERS!!!!
  3. I guess it tends to go there because Carr was GC's best player...GC does have a team without him, but it is a much different team.
  4. I know more about Utter through the past few years. Not too many people would have stayed coaching in his situation. I want to throw this out there too. I don't post a lot on here but this is the gospel.... It's about the kids and I always see people make post that make it about the adults. At the end of the day it's about the players and that's it, so Maybe we could focus on them for a while.
  5. Your comments about Pride are unwarranted... and you obviously DON'T know these guys. Sad you had to go there.
  6. Mr. Carr is no different than any of the other parents. He wants what is best for his child and he wants to WIN "PERIOD" No matter what it takes. Can't blame the guy for that. I'm not sure what he has done in the past three years (since his son has played at GCHS) that would qualify someone to call him a pompous idiot. He put in more time with fundraisers and helping the program at GCHS than any other parent the last three years and that is a fact. Does he have flaws, sure, we all do. :thumb:
  7. I would think it should be listed on the KHSAA site. The only reason that I would think they wouldn't, could possibly be if they already have someone in mind and have talked to that person about the ins-&-outs of the position. It is odd.
  8. At this point I have not heard any names. I am sure that some are interested but who knows who.......?
  9. Lets be honest...Basketball is not high on the priority list at G.C.
  10. She'll Shocked and LetsRoll Too bad your opinions are wrong.:banana:
  11. LetsRoll We are all still waiting on you to tell us what you are talking about when you say, "Hicks played favorites."
  12. I have connected the dots now. I see were this is coming from. Move on!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I agree 100% khalid. I would love to have some examples on what favoritism is being showed. I too have watched a lot of games (all of them) and I have not witnessed Hicks treat any player different than any other.
  14. I think that this would be safe to assume... but who knows.
  15. Go SK. This Grant County fan is cheering for you now!
  16. That's not what I'm saying at all. I have not commented on that thought. I'm commenting on other things. I don't need a history lesson, trust me. I know plenty 123go
  17. 100% did not take it with disrespect. I was commenting about others. I agree with you and understand what your saying. It was not in shambles.
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