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  1. Agree! If you are invited by Ky Premier you need to play for them. They will do all they can to get the players recognized by colleges. College coaches respect their teams and coaches. If I'm not mistaken every one of their seniors received college scholarships. Epps, Rogers, Hardin, Cox, Sandlin, Jones and that is only a few. Sorry, can't remember all of them.
  2. This is not a complete list. The KABC has not released their list in which all on the list gets an automatic invite.
  3. Yes, that is correct. Once the KABC releases their list, all will receive an automatic invite. Billie Hearn made the all-star list and the other is the KABC player of the year.
  4. Walton Verona's Courtney Sandlin gets her 1000th rebound against Dunbar at Gateway Holiday Classic.
  5. Sandlin had D1 offers ,but chose Bellarmine University
  6. Heard that Taulbee decided to go to EKU on a full academic scholarship and not play at the next level. So, yes, unrelated events! As said in earlier post, Courtney attended her sister's college graduation. If it would have been at any other time, she would have been at try-outs. I know Courtney is very honored by the invitation.
  7. Courtney and her sister are very close. Her sister supports her all year long. So it is not surprising at all that Courtney would want to be there for her. Way to go Courtney!:clap:
  8. Sandlin is invited to try out. Not sure why she was left off list, but she did get invited.
  9. Absolutely agree! GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I believe August 2007 is when she entered the 7th grade at Walton.
  11. Sandlin has been in the Walton school system since 7th grade, I would not consider her a transfer. Congrats to Owen on a good win. BOTH of these teams are strong and will do just fine in their seasons.
  12. Does anyone know how they determine the MVP? The only one who may have been playing when Luebbe was coaching was Dixon, and maybe not even her. Luebbe has never been involved with the others.
  13. Sandlin and Judy played. Judy had three fouls and Sandlin had 4 and sat most of the game. The referees were the only ones who took away the inside game.
  14. Sandlin and Judy are just Sophmores and received several interests from playing aau ball. Of course time will tell, but the opportunities are there. Letters have been sent and doors are open. I say congrats to them and good luck in their future.
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