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  1. It is good when ever a team from NKY beats a team out of Louisville.
  2. Sorry Joe, but the kids on the bench want to play hard too.
  3. I can't wait until coach Brilz gets a hold of this group.
  4. beechwood is very fast off the ball, and played very physical.
  5. no offense to you but really why dont you give the kid a little credit and stop bashing on his parade cause he did sit out for almost 2 years and came out in the end with something good.
  6. Way to go #91, for Beechwood you are better than your old man.
  7. :DWhat did he do that was so great. He had three years and where did he take them.
  8. There will be two teams, u15,u16 and u17, u18.
  9. ATY Rooster 15u,16u,17u and 18u tryouts August 6th and 7th at Thomas More. For more information call Bobby Mullins (513)374-6976
  10. I have heard that the Mustangs teams will play each other Sunday at Tennessee Tech University. This will be a rubber match as they have split two games.
  11. I Heard Larimore had offer from a Div 1 school.
  12. Nice showing by the Rooster today, HR's Lairmore and Brilz.
  13. The Roosters Darrick Brilz, Cody Gohs, Pat Hide, Colin Johnson, Cj Bertke, Taylor Smith, Dylan Cottingham, Zach Larimore, Nick Askren from Beechwood Dylan Embs, Zach Fardo, Trevor Bezold, Ian Heman from Brossart Doug Teagarden and Tyler Wilke
  14. Does Ligget, Hegge, Hensley and Scott still playing for the cheifs?
  15. im on marleys account this isnt him... but i can promise you that i was there and closer than you
  16. I was most likely closer than you were and i heard everything the kid said he said Lets Go! and and This pitcher (f****) sucks,, thats when popham said what he said...
  17. Josh is Beechwood best pitcher,but he was not the only one on the field playing his heart out. Both catchers worked just as hard, if not harder than anyone on the field wearing that hot gear,all I am saying I do not think it was right to rest a whole season on one kid. They did not win 30 games because of one kid and they surely did not lose to NCC because of one kid it take a whole team to win and lose. Great job by NCC coaches for having faith in the kids on the bench.
  18. Bertke did a great job but he was done, there are other pitchers who could of came in. Cain went to his coach after the inning and told him he was done. I don't think you win or lose with one player it just not fair to the other players.
  19. Sportfans99 you are so wrong about Sam it is funny. Talk to Sam and his Mom and Dad alot. And Morehead offer Sexton money LOL.
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