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  1. Thats their Senior Jacob Wells.
  2. After reading a article in the recent paper about Holmes not reaching a ten win season since 2002, I would like to take a moment that following yesterday's two win's, Holmes has reached ten wins and I would like to share some stats by the Bulldogs. (Yesterday's double headers have yet to be added. I know Jacob Wells went 3-5 with two walks with the two games added up. Also Tommy Courtney had 10 K's while pitching the second game.) Senior Jacob Wells- .416, .448 OBP, 19 runs, 14 RBI's, and 4 double's, along with 2 errors on 37 put outs. Senior Tyler Gregory- .324, 14 runs, 11 RBI's, 1 homerun, pitching with a 4.10 ERA and 30 K's. Junior Jesses Jenson- .378, 24 runs, 6 RBI's and 10 doubles, and 2 triples. Junior Tommy Courtney- .360, 10 runs, 20 RBI's, 2 homeruns, and pitching with a 4.34 ERA and 51 K's. The Bulldogs have also come up with some big wins againist Campbell County and Scott. They also had a tough defeat against district rivial Holy Cross losing 4-3. I believe the Bulldogs deserve credit for their work this year. Holmes has not been a large baseball school being over shadowed by basketball and football. They are playing in the toughest district in Northern Kentucky and are doing one outstanding job contending.
  3. Bulldogs improve to 3-1 on the season.
  4. Sounded like a pretty one sided game. Also find it hard to see how there is any relevence between basketball and football when it comes to baseball as far as the production of the school.
  5. Wow. So much for a close game. I heard Conner's shortstop was eating it up in the infield. Also heard that Conner's first baseman was tearing the cover off the ball.
  6. Another win for the Bulldogs (2-0) with a big shot from senior Nick Fuller who went 2-3 with a homerun along with senior Jacob Wells who went 2-3. Finally, senior Tyler Gregory pitched a complete game giving up only two runs and striking out 8.
  7. Sowder pitched 6 complete innings, giving up only two or three true runs. Errors def hurt Scott in the field. He also went 1-4 at the plate.
  8. Great game for the Bulldogs, coming away with a great win. Both teams played very well.
  9. Holmes boys will be fired up for tomorrows game. J. Johnson, R. Johnson, and E. Pittman all have something to prove. Holmes by 10+.
  10. I agree, the concessions are extremely high priced. I think some type of half court shot prize would be fun, or students from each school have a three point shoot around, some type of half time enjoyment.
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