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  1. Half Rowan 21 Elliott 13 Elliott has missed a lot of free throws. Many on first bonus shot. About 1 for 6 on 3's. Rowan #20 is lighting it up.
  2. If a public school is charging a fee to access their internet they are breaking federal law. All public schools are provided Internet access at a discounted rate through usac using universal service funds. The fine is easily in the $10,000's to $100,000's range. Or if the own school is making money from commercials or charging a fee to access a web broadcast they are breaking the law. Pretty much you are not allowed to make any money from the use of Internet.
  3. George Fant almost dunk highlight of the entire tryouts.
  4. Chane, Vinny, and Robbie look like genius now. Don't be surprised to see players quit or something "came up" and don't play. These players are tight from AAU. You know what is sad is there will be more people at Bellermine to see Teague than this Kentucky team.
  5. I was there both days, what a joke. Very disappointing, not going to waste my time and money to see this team. Congrats to those who made it, sorry to those deserving that didn't for what ever reason.
  6. My opinion Hickey Shanklin Abell Kimbro Setty Knipp Taylor Fant Price Woods Tossup Gaines Barksdale Arman Marks Jermaine Jackson Geisler need big man with Chane and Vinny out Hobo long shot with so many guards
  7. In the final session Ryan Taylor and Kimbro stood out. Knipp hurt his ankle early Friday. He played through it but you could tell it had an affect on his game.
  8. Shanklin/Price/Remey look good Hobo has hit a few 3's
  9. At tryouts fun watching all these great players. Treg Setty I believe will make the team, he had looked good. One more session to go 1:30-3:30.
  10. I'm pretty sure tryouts will be at Manual High school in Louisville this Friday and Saturday. Louisville game at Bellermine June 10 Indianapolis June 11 Like I said I'm pretty sure this info is correct.
  11. http://blogs.courier-journal.com/jodydemling/2011/03/17/eku-signee-knipp-named-kentucky-player-of-year/
  12. So close to another triple double. I believe that would have been 8 this year.
  13. Saturday. Knipp 30pts 6 reb 5 assists 5 blocks- big deflection at end Jacob Ison 23 pts 18 reb- knocked down 2 big free throws at end Cody Nickell 7 pts 4 reb- stripped ball out of bounds to save layup that would have put them up 1 with just few seconds to go Daniel Fraley 8 pts 7 reb
  14. Not saying it was a bad officiated game but I do believe they did miss a few fouls. Rowan 13 for 19 free throws Elliott 3 for 3 free throws
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