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  1. Since there is such a lack of chatter and the girls deserve better, let's hope that this thread gets some talk started up. These are just some observations from the first couple weeks. Sorry Coffey, your secret is NOT safe with me. Highlands is a threat!! With the group they have, do not catch them on the wrong day or you are in trouble. Oh and you're catcher better be on her toes(crazy speed). Scott - They have a couple of really nice players. Their SS and P can hit the ball and flash a bit of leather for sure. Campbell Co - 10th region, you are put on notice. They ar
  2. I try to stay off of here as much as possible but one response annoyed me quite a bit. I understand that someone on this thread hit 52 homers in their first year of tee-ball but how about we just let the girls have their day. GOOD job girls. Keep it up!
  3. Nice job Liv. That's expected all summer, just saying.
  4. Boone County Lady Rebels Collins and Black signed with Thomas Moore yesterday. Congrats girls.
  5. Amen! Good health this season to all, including coaches!!
  6. Several players had nice games but Olivia Jackson, Karys Black and Nikki Bridgers led the way tonight. Morgan Daniels got her first varsity rbi.
  7. Yes, we are planning on having temporary fences put up. Yes it is being held at Rivershore on route 8.
  8. Boone County will be hosting the first annual Lady Rebel River Shootout. The dates will be April 8th & 9th. It is a 4 game guarantee and the entry fee is $200. This tournament will be run like the old Bulldog Bash. You will play 2 games in pool and will be sent to a second pool facing teams who finished similar to you in their pool. There will be 4 overall pool winners. If interested, please contact Andy Petridis (859)307-7703 or cpballcoach@yahoo.com Thank you.
  9. Let's go ahead and take a little heat off of Lawnboy. I personally don't care if I ruffle jayhawks feathers or not. Sidenote: Jayhawk, earlier in this thread you mentioned something about someone affecting your intelligence. Now after the train wreck this thread has turned into, let us get back to the actual point of this whole thing. The KIDS!! 1. Highlands Plenty of talent but now everyone guns for them. How will they handle it. 2. Notre Dame Region finals two years in a row. If the new starters step up, they will be there again. 3. Conner Lost some key players. Doesn
  10. I don't post very often but to be honest, this thread seems pretty ridiculous. All A? What's the big deal? Let them play. Two things that I think has been overlooked is financial stability of a minor sports program and committed coaches. Some of the small schools simply might not have the funds to travel to tournaments around the state. That doesn't mean they do not want to. The other point is having coaches who commit themselves to ensuring that their players have a true high school sports experience in every way shape and form. Our district holds 3 of the top teams in the regi
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