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Observations: Boone County's softball opponents thus far

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Since there is such a lack of chatter and the girls deserve better, let's hope that this thread gets some talk started up.


These are just some observations from the first couple weeks.


Sorry Coffey, your secret is NOT safe with me. Highlands is a threat!! With the group they have, do not catch them on the wrong day or you are in trouble. Oh and you're catcher better be on her toes(crazy speed).


Scott - They have a couple of really nice players. Their SS and P can hit the ball and flash a bit of leather for sure.


Campbell Co - 10th region, you are put on notice. They are a contender for sure. Some real nice pieces to the puzzle. Joehring(If I spelled that wrong, I'm sorry Abby) hit a bomb off of Boone on a nice pitch low in the zone, no doubter. Miller dumped a ball into the gap and moonwalked to third. Yes, she is that fast. Still feel Jessica Walsh is one of the most under-rated players in our area.


Cooper - They have some REALLY nice young talent. If they stay on a positive trend(which they should), they will be a legit contender sooner than later. Kudos to Fields and the bunch.


If you decide to reply to this thread, please make some observations on games that you have witnessed yourself. Point out some players if you know names.

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I regards to Highlands. I'm hearing that Varsity Asst Milt Horner who has been around the program now 15+ years has said that this is the Fastest team he has been part of. That's pretty impressive if true.


If & when Highlands is able to string together a couple of Hits while these Chics are on Base it's instant Scoring. They're scary fast around the Base pads.


With Three of the Faster Trio in the Outfield in Coffey(LF) Dill(CF) & Rust(RF) on Defense for Highlands the Ball better not stay in the Air very long. Highlands outfield is very good in the Green space and all Three with very Strong Arms.


I agree with the above comment that Highlands will be a threat.

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