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  1. Ashland is a very good and complete team. Hope the point guard is OK. He makes them go. Boyle's lack of a true point guard was really exposed in this game. They are a gritty team but Ashland coming out on fire and playing tough defense put this game away very early. You can see why they are like 50 and 4 over the last 2 years.
  2. Sounds like a good matchup of 2 teams very similar. Boyle is very physical and play bigger than their actual size which runs from 6'0 to 6'3 of their 5 starters. Boyle has a good bench also. They have balanced scoring with anyone of six kids capable of getting 20 on a given night and Imfeld has had 30 pt games this year. Boyle plays tough defense and rebounds the ball well.
  3. A tough schedule for any team regardless of class.
  4. Boyle should improve when they have everyone back and healthy. They have played well already, but I think their best basketball is the last of Feb. and March. This group is really aggressive and tough minded. I am sure that Imfeld had his worst offensive game of the season. Future opponents can never count on that happening again. This team also has depth which should bode well down the stretch.
  5. When does Boyle get their coach and one of their top players back? Anyone know ?This does make a big difference.
  6. I think Boyle is still without one of their key players, Owen Barnes.
  7. Nice win for Boyle. Led all the way, by 6 at halftime and 13 at the end of 3rd. Imfeld had 23 for BC, Webb 14, Sheperson 9 and not sure about the other scoring. Gillis led Boyle in rebounding. Spencer came in at 3-0 so this was a good early test for the Rebels.
  8. Boyle also has Jagger Gillis, a transfer from Anderson Co. who was a very good player there. At 6'3" 205, he will really help BC. Boyle also has several other young players moving up this year that will give them more depth.
  9. Don,t go to sleep on Boyle County for next year. I looked at the roster and there are 12 quality players coming back plus a some young JV players that I think finished undefeated again this year.
  10. Thanks for the article. Every Boyle player will have a copy of this to digest between now and game time tomorrow. By the way, where have these FC supermen been for the last two years?
  11. Yes, Tommy is playing. That is big for Boyle, with him being one of the top defensive players in the state. The opposing team has to take into account always where Tommy is lining up.
  12. No one has brought out the fact that Boyle had two key players on the sidelines with injury during the 4th quarter of the Lex Cath. game out of their secondary. A freshman defensive back played the entire 4th quarter. Those players are back and healthy.
  13. Remember that this game is at Boyle. Don't think that the Boyle coaches and players know that LC just beat CC. The Boyle players are motivated and anxious to get back on the field. Yes anything can happen but don't expect the Rebels not to be ready and motivated.
  14. Caleb Edmiston, a six foot two three hundred pound lineman has scholarship offers from Campbellsville University, Lindsey Wilson University and Centre College. He has been contacted by several larger schools , but they are not sure how many scholarships that will be available because of the covid situation and who will stay for an extra year. Caleb is a very good student, has exceptional musical talent and will be a great ambassador for the school that he chooses.
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