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  1. Drew told Fogle and his parents on Thursday night. They are all very close to Drew and are very excited that they will continue playing together.
  2. Randall Wagner was a great SK fan. I graduated from there and played sports there and I do remember him always being around. I knew he and his wife. They are and always will be a huge part of SK history. God Bless his family and comfort them.
  3. Friday: Conner 18 Harrison Co 3 West Jessamine 10 Harrison Co 0 Sat: Conner 13 SK 5 West Jessamine 8 Conner 4
  4. Don't think so. Each year a hard copy is available in June.
  5. Actually career hits record was previously held by Dustin Alvey '04 and Austin Pugh '10 @ 128. Pat Eschan '98 had 126.
  6. Austin Pugh from 2010 class. Somewhere around 25 dingers
  7. They are so similar, from the same mold, because they were taught the basic fundamentals in both sports by the same coach and AJ spent so much time at the Fogle house growing up. He is like one of their own sons.
  8. Congratulations Blake. Best of Luck! UD is also planning major renovations, which include building a new stadium more centralized to campus. Should be awesome when completed.
  9. How do you know he hasn't been on college radars since his junior year? You have said yourself you have never watched him play. Plain and simple truth is it is none of your business or any "blogs" business unless the players wants it public knowledge. Family decisions to best to keep between family, until decisions are final.
  10. 9 and your others in blog world need to really get out from behind your screens and go to some school combines next summer. It might in lighten you to recruiting reality.
  11. Namer, pretty bold statements coming from someone sitting behind a computer screen. C Fogle ran it at 3 different schools with college coaches holding the clocks. Why did you turn the subject of these thread toward your negativity towards a player? If you knew him you would understand why he doesn't update with scout or rivals. Watch him work out sometimes and notice the tattoo on his bicep. Proverbs 27:2. Read the verse and you may understand him a little more.
  12. Regarding baseball. Who knows? He has been contacted by the NY Mets and Reds. Plays a pretty good game of baseball. Already has several career baseball records at Conner with another season to go.
  13. Here's an update on Cameron Fogle. He is 6' and 197#. He has been clocked @ 4.4 at 3 different schools. Currently has multiple offers to play. Including preferred walk on to play for Kerry Combs in Columbus. Being recruited to play both sides of the ball. Has two visits left in next 2 weeks. Drew's not the only player these coaches are coming to see in Hebron.
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