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  1. What a great game. Bracken needs that "signature" win to help propel this team, and I think it's coming soon. The days of pushover Polar Bears are over.
  2. If Mason does win this game so what. This game means nothing. Just remember friends, he who laughs last laughs the hardest. And coach Hinson has had a history of laughing last against Mason Co as recent history has taught us
  3. Lol! I can assure you if Kelsch gets the MC job Bailey will not follow you can take that to the bank
  4. Couldn't agree more! If the Hounds can put it all together could be scary good
  5. Why not? I mean I live in Dallas but everything I hear of he was a top candidate for the Augusta boys job
  6. Maybe Mason Co can lure Geno Auriemma away from UCONN? :idunno:
  7. Seriously not take Patrick Kelsch Serious? Dear apparently 10th Region COY awards are overrated anymore. :ohbrother:
  8. Possibly Anthony Grant, Larry Schyat at Wyoming or possibly Scott Drew
  9. Maybe your right about Bracken Co but if your drinking that Mason Co kook-aid as high as 4 I'm not so sure about that. Should have done a better job in thier coaching search than to hire a guy who went 5-400 last year
  10. It's going to be interesting 39th Distric! Especially with three of the four teams with new regimes!
  11. Great post Rick Grimes. Hinson will bring the fire and energy to BC that they've been waiting for.
  12. Well boys I don't know if Bach is the best 10th Region player since Lofton, but that performance in last years District tourney vs Mason Co was something I will never forget. Best single game performance I had saw in 10th Region since Lofton vs Ballard in 2003 state championship game
  13. I know we all agree on one thing, (well almost everybody) that I would feel real good about my teams future with Coach Hinson at the helm. He will build that Bracken program from the ground up and I wouldn't want anybody else in charge of that. Bright days ahead for BC!
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