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  1. Boyle........they WILL NOT let it happen again . 50-55 BOYLE
  2. what makes a great coach at the high school le level?
  3. I'm with you...... Thanks good luck to you as well.
  4. It will be a hard fight for both teams. But at the end 63-59 Boyle!!!
  5. It's gonna be a tuff one but again I'll go with The Rebels 55-50
  6. I think its gonna be a tuff game for both teams. I do think East has a few players that are real good (I've watched them play this year) but I will take the Rebels on this one 53-48
  7. Yes it was.....but with that said...Boyle looked poised .....didn't panic when down by 8. And at times 2 freshman on the floor. Boyle does have alot of growing up to do only time will tell. But i'll take a win no matter what!
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