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  1. Woodford has a 6'8'' guy who can play, I believe Centre is looking at him. A guy that can shoot with range, and a couple of guards who are athletes to say the least. A very good team, who can definitely take McCreary Central down, although i believe that if MC plays its type of game, they will come out on top. Should be a nice one whether it be in Versailles or in Whitley City.
  2. Garrard is 4-1. Winning against a very good Woodford County team scares a whole lot of people in the 12th!
  3. Final In Lancaster. Great win for the lions, their 4th straight win.
  4. I was at the game, and thought it was a very intense game. Now East has to turn around and play Marion Co. at Garrard County in the 4 Bank Classic at 2:00.
  5. Stevenson sure did put on a show in the first half. He can definitely play! Very strong, and has a very competitive mindset.
  6. I think if Garrard County can control the tempo, and get Woodford playing their type of game, Garrard will pull this one out.
  7. Garrard vs. Lincoln. No matter what the records or the location of the game the fans will always pack the stands for this one. Needless to say they become hostile as well. Always an exciting matchup.
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