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  1. walton already has there spot locked up for playoffs and really nothing to prove in this game, look for nothing but handoffs to many different players. i would guess starters are not going to risk injury.
  2. Does Walton now miss the two boys that didn't play this year? Nice job Walton keep bring up those young ones .
  3. This whole thread is a joke, talk about the game. The rest is he said she said and no is probably what happened !:sssh:
  4. Don't really know , have not see one since some time in the seventies
  5. Sounds like a coach that can't coach. First rule is self restraint
  6. Great news , someone once said if you build it they will come .
  7. :thumb: agreed , we all like to play the best out there .
  8. Great job Walton Verona boys and coaches. Really proud of all of you! (Coaches: Don't play Frankfort like you did Beechwood; you can't outrun speed. Might change it up a little.) Great job boys!
  9. from the start of the program with good people looking ahead and kids wanting to play , simple:thumb:
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