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  1. Bottom line is this, If private schools were not allowed to compete in the playoffs there would be a big drop in enrollment at most of the successful private schools.
  2. Not sure KHSAA could have done much better than this? 3A may be the most evenly divided class as far as geopgraphic positioning goes.
  3. Bottom line is the Trinty and St.X supporters are upset that both schools will not be in the finals each year. Don't count on any sympathy from the "real" world when it comes to this subject.
  4. No proof needed. Everyone in the state know how things go at St. X and Trinity. This is just a small step toward the right thing to do by the KHSAA. I sense some sour grapes because you will have to compete for a trip to the finals each year instead of your cruise control trip each season.
  5. Surely the athletes that see the field at X and T are not "out of pocket" any money. Lets be serious, there are not many people on this site that can be suckered into beleiving X and T are on the same playing field as public schools of the same size.
  6. How many public schools do you know of that can offer financial assistance/tuition to out of district student athletes? How many student athletes do St. X/Trinity have that transfered in from other school districts? Bottom line is that public schools do not compete on a LEVEL playing field with private schools!!!
  7. A very big victory for public schools in Kentucky. Hard to compete with private school money. The only way it will ever be truly correct is when private schools have their own playoffs. Not trying to get the public/private debate started again just stating the truth.
  8. Could someone please help me understand the placement of Simon Kenton and Paul Laurence Dunbar???????????
  9. They have 12 starters that reutrn with 6-8 of those guys going both ways. Tahts far fetch from 20.
  10. I guess everyone in the BRIAR PATCH can be happy now that Somerset is ranked ahead of Estill.
  11. Why else would you leave a head coaching job to be an assistant? To take over as head coach to the team u went to, I would think. With that being said, I hate to see Rains leave but Graham will be a great replacement at LCA.
  12. Double Wing it is. and they return the whole backfield. They lost 1 tighend and 2 linemen from O.
  13. Estill finished the season last year with 7 wins and a very young team graduating only 6 seniors. Will be a interesting year the Engineers.
  14. Did you not ever have to start somewhere (stepping stone) to get somewhere. Some of your best coaches started as youth league or middle school coaches.
  15. Well first of all Estill runs a Double Wing Offense not a wing t. Second, Coach Shearer will prob not run any offense close to Estill just because he is from Estill. Coach Shearer will do a fine job.
  16. Yes. Estill faces Powell next week and if they get a win in that game Estill will host 1st round.
  17. For Magoffin Co. to have one of the top rushers in the state Powell played well against the run. All off Magoffins TD's come by air. Great win for Powell.
  18. Aug 21, 09 Open home Aug 28, 09 South Floyd away 52 - 22 (W) Sep 4, 09 Paintsville home 28 - 31 (L) Sep 11, 09 Morgan County away 24 - 20 (W) Sep 18, 09 Betsy Layne home 46 - 6 (W) Sep 25, 09 Knott County Central away 34 - 32 (W) Oct 2, 09 Jenkins away 61 - 18 (W) Oct 9, 09 Powell County away Oct 16, 09 Estill County home Oct 23, 09 Breathitt County home Oct 30, 09 Lewis County home Improved team yes, Top 10 NO! They sould beat Powell this week. They have two tough home games the next 2. Seems Breathitt maye have things clicking after last game and Estills young team also has found a little swager and is playing well.
  19. Any news on Calhoun, is his arm broke?
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