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  1. Alan Boggs threw for 510 yard with 8 touchdown 30 yards rushing and one more.
  2. Coach Brown will turn this team around.
  3. They played Pike Central last friday. Pike Central scored 2 and Madison scored 1.
  4. Pike Central will be better then last year . They will throw the ball alot. Should be fun to watch.
  5. The Boggs kid at Pike Central. Transfer from Perry Central. Watched him in spring ball. Has a cannon for a arm. Looks to be around 6ft 2 or 6ft 3 about 210lbs. Going to be a junior. I think you will see Pike Central throw the ball alot. Should be fun to watch.
  6. I think Browne will get this job. Him and the AD is tight. Browne is a good offense coach. Its the other side of the ball he has trouble with. I he can get a good D coach he will turn MC around JMO. Good luck to all the coaches.
  7. Had like 70 yards against PCC. Perry defense is the real deal this year.:clap:
  8. Perry Co got the win. Perry co scores 8 runs in the 5th.:thumb:
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