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  1. Wow is right. Great game to listen to. I love to see Heppler and Conner step in at the end take care of business. Great job Colonels.
  2. 35 - 8 CovCath Final. Great win by the Colonels. Beat Highlans!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The worst I've heard was at a CovCath vs Holmes basketball game being played at Holmes. The crazies were chanting, "Walk Home Safely". I admit I chuckled, but I felt bad about it later.
  4. One would think a HS principal would know how to use a reflexive pronoun properly in a formal correspondence . But then again, perhaps not. (Sorry, it is one of my pet peeves)
  5. Two years back CovCath suspended two players for TWO games for having smokeless tobacco in their lockers. That says something about standards and results you get by setting the bar high and holding the kids to it.
  6. Okay, I'll bite. Why wouldn't it be the same guy whose played all year (except for the suspension early in the season)?
  7. So can someone explain to me why the roughing the passer penalty against NC on Newports long TD pass was assessed on the ensuing kick off? That was not a dead ball foul, so should that not have been an accept or decline penalty. Gotta give credit to Newport. Those kids never gave up. Congrats to NC.
  8. So what are you looking for from TOG? An apology? Banishment? You made your point. Back to the game. Fantastic numbers by Mr. Grey. For Mr. Dressman's TD, was he under center, wild cat, or at RB?
  9. Someone needs to take UK#1's belt and shoe laces. Congrats Camels. It's good to see kids hang in there after how rough this season has been. Good life lessons for those young men.
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