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  1. Im a HUGE Chris Henry fan. I hope he stays. But then again I also dont wanna see my 80 bucks go down the drain that I paid for his jersey.
  2. I want to know how West Jessamine remains in the top 25 with a 1-2 record?
  3. McCreary completely controlled this game and the score could have been alot worse. Ill be the first to say this mccreary team is for real so WHEN the raiders beat leslie they head to knox as a 4-0 team what are your ideas on this game. Can McCreary final make a top 3 finish in the district with a upset win over knox!
  4. I pick bell in a close one 35-32. Hilton always finds a way to get his boys to show up in big ways every friday night.
  5. This is going to be a great game but as a former player of McCreary i have never seen a team with as much heart and will to win as this team so my vote goes to them in a 38-21 victory. Plus to top it off i know the coaching staff witch is the best in the programs history will definetly have the raiders ready and focused for this game in particular cause im sur ethis is the making of a great rivalry in the future.
  6. Did you really just say that we should sit Votto?
  7. The student nights at the reds games...is that college students, high school students, or both?
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