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  1. 2 more from Grant County are playing at the Next Level..:banana: Cory Beach will play for The University of Cumberlands Rex Benson will play for Carroll University in Wisconsin
  2. I would like to personally thank Coach Mike Davis for all the work he puts into his football program. Before Coach Davis came to Grant County, the town could care less of the football program, and the stands were bare on Friday Nights. Now, the stands are full, and there is excitement within the county for the Braves football program. I think that parents don't realize the time and effort that needs to be put into a program for it to be successful, and Coach Davis has been working so hard to turn that around for Grant County. He takes a lot of flack from parent's for keeping the kids later than a practice is scheduled, and other numerous petty things, but those that know Coach know that he is the best thing to come to Grant County and I, personally, am so glad that he did come. He has done wonders with our program and I think it is only right that someone come out and tell him so. So, Coach, THANK YOU!! Thank you for the time you put into the kids, thank you for watching and monitoring their grades so that after football, the kids can succeed and go on to a higher education, and thank you for the friendship that we encountered along the way. I wish you the best with your program, and to your career. You truly are a great coach and a great friend!:thumb:
  3. CONGRATS CORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As your football mom, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments!! Best of luck to you and your football career. :clap:
  4. From Grant County: KJ Little - signed with Kentucky Wesleyan College Josh Rump - signed with Georgetown College 1 other player to still sign
  5. For those of you who do not know Coach Davis, he is one of the finest coaches around. My son had the honor of being one of his freshman players when Coach Davis arrived at Grant County, and it has been a fun ride for 4 years. Coach Davis has made Grant County appreciate football more and more each year and that is a hard task to accomplish! He has been a great friend and advisor. We will miss being part of his program. Congrats Coach, and thank you for all your hard work.:thumb:
  6. Way to go Josh!! You are a great kid and deserve the best. We will be watching!!:dancingpa
  7. Looks like Josh Rump is going to sign with Georgetown, and Cory Beach is going to walk on at Cumberlands. There are 2 or 3 others that still may sign with other colleges.:clap:
  8. KJ Little of Grant County received a letter of intent with Kentucky Wesleyan College. His signing will take place on March 23rd. As a proud mother, we are thrilled to know that we have 4 more years of football!!!:banana:
  9. Grant County lost 12 Seniors this year, and so it will be difficult for them this upcoming season. The Juniors that will be taking their place are hard workers and talented, but not enough of them, so they will also be relying on their sophomores to step it up. I am sure Coach Davis will get the kids motivated and ready to go by the start of the season.
  10. Couldn't find the list, does anyone have a link that I can use??
  11. I think John Hardin is too much for Oldham. Don't get me wrong, Oldham has some great players, but John Hardin has the speed!! Good luck to both team in the playoffs this Friday.:thumb:
  12. I know the Braves did not want their season to end the way it did, but these players did an outstanding job! Congrats to the Braves, and to the coaching staff for an exceptional season!!:thumb:
  13. This is a very exciting time to be a Braves Fan!! I think we have a better chance than everyone is expecting. Grant County 28 John Hardin 23 Play hard and stay focused and we could win this game!!:thumb:
  14. I too am a Senior footballmom, even for a team with the same initials (Grant County High School). You couldn't have put it any better, and I too feel that it is an honor to have been associated with the football team since these kids were playing in 2nd grade. Not only am I going to see my own son complete his playing season, my 11 other:thumb: adopted boys will too. I love each and everyone of these kids and have seen them through thick and thin. I am so proud of the accomplishments they have made this year. Thanks boys for the memories and for the time and effort that you have put in to make this season a successful one! I wish all Senior boys from all classes the best of luck in their playoffs and take the time to enjoy yourselves and have fun, because you don't know when or if you will get to play on the field again.
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