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  1. I assure you conditioning had nothing to do with it!!!:thumb:
  2. If NL puts major focus on the offense this week, they will be fine. Steven White & Josh Miller need more runs they are fast and don't care to get physical. NL also needs to spread the field a little more and give Wardrup more options.
  3. If given the opportunity he can have an awesome year at the RB position not to mention his defensive abilities....Josh Miller is another kid who can run the ball....doesn't have as much speed as White, but lots of power... With Wardrup's maturity and arm, more disciplined WR's and RB's the Jags should be much improved from last year. Not saying that last years WR's or RB's weren't disciplined... just that they seemed to have put more focus on all positions being disciplined. Wishing the best of luck to all the Jags & Coach Abbott!!!! I also have to say good luck to Mr Lewis over in Clay Co on breaking the record....and to Ricky over in the southern part of London
  4. I think they will go to Somerset for a scrimmage on August 15...though I'm not sure if they play Somerset or one of the other Pulaski schools....
  5. Got to see Zach at South Laurel's passing scrimmage last night... as usual he looked awesome. He is just flat out fun to watch... he picked apart several defenses with that arm of his.... He will have no problem breakin the passing yards record.
  6. Zach Lewis-- Clay County The kid is awesome to watch....
  7. I have heard that also. It would not be a bad decision...the kid is talented.
  8. After the huge win for Clay at PCC they will be fired up and ready to go!! Letcher is a good home team, but Lewis and the Tigers will be too much for the Cougars this go round. Clay 35 LCC 21
  9. Congrats, Clay County!! Way to go out and get some revenge.:jump:
  10. Couldn't agree with you more. I have heard more griping, complaining, schemes, and just down right terrible things said about Coach Abbott and his staff from parents this year than I have ever heard.. They (the parents)have acted shamefully, and after attending some of the JV and Frosh games, the parents have, at times, been embarassing to the NL program in general... I consider Abbott a good friend, I don't always agree with his decisions, but HE is the coach, and most of the kids I know on the team have much respect for him, not only as a coach but as a person....... I have faith that Mr. Black and Mr. Durham will make the right choice, and won't be influenced by "outside" opinions.... That being said, the Jags do return alot of talent for next year. IMO things look bright for NL
  11. I totally agree with you on that one. IMO KC has made a name for themselves the past few years, and it is a credit to Coach Mills and his staff. Anytime your QB is out due to injury, or for any reason, it will hurt your offense. I am picking Knox in a close one..... KC 14 Rock 13
  12. I'm picking the Jags in a close one 21 - 20. I want these seniors to go out with a "W", but I think the key is they want it more than anyone. Good luck Jags!!!
  13. Sorry, you are mistaken. NL's QB was Adrian Wardrup last year when we played Clark Co. He was a freshman and is now a sophomore and is still the QB. Justin Jones hasn't played QB since he got some kind of injury early in the 2006 season. I think the Jones kid may have played some QB this year vs. Corbin due to an illness Wardrup had, but Wardrup did end up in the game and Jones went to receiver. I do agree however that the Clark Co. defense put some major heat on Wardrup in the game last year, and the NL QB's in general the past few years. If I'm not mistaken, NL had several turnovers in the game last year. I'm looking for a different NL team this go 'round. The Jags are HUNGRY for a win, and there's no better time than Senior Night for them to pull off the upset. Go Jags!!!
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