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Region Player/Coach of the Year

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I agree with your assessment Devilman. I just feel Sticklen is a better player.


Maybe so, but I choose her not just she's from my old Alma Mater but just on the hardwork she put in from surgery to rehab 3 times in her career, and the way she's been doing. It's not always about scoring.

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I would have to say Taylor Robinson for player from Campbell County. That girl had two IMPRESSIVE steals back to back vs. Brossart in districts. She's a defensive standout, and such a good ball handler, with a good shot as well. And I believe she's only a junior.

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doesn't matter...award went to Macie Spence of Montgomery County.


I never said you chose Carmack because shes from Deming. Also, if you look at Sticklen and only see scoring, you need to look again.


Point taken, but you're not following me.

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