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Bishop Brossart 60 Holmes 53

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Big Green Horse, I guess I'm not understanding.......city championship vs. winning tournament? Difference?? Championship games are traditionally the final game to determine an overall winner, right?


What are you trying to say regarding the Henderson County loss? It was at the Owensboro Holiday Tournament

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In defense of the Big Green Horse, at least the Lady Mustangs are very good, unlike a certain poster that proclaims year in and year out how great a certain Kenton County football team is, when in reality, they aren't even average.

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Id suggest comparing our schedule and "quality" wins against that other team that a win would be such a big deal. I won't comment on any other specific teams schedule but our matches well with anyone in 9th or 10th with a few exceptions of some very senior dominated teams. :ylsuper: As for softball fan the comment was a reference to beating Daviess County, Owensboro and Apollo. I said it was basically winning the city Championship not the tourney. Our only loss was to Henderson County not in Owensboro.


Compared to the 9th! Whoa!


You probably might consider stop shoveling......might get tough to get out from under!


Let's look at some strength of schedule numbers.......and I understand they are from a computer program that someone runs and are subject to some degree of error but it is certainly more valid than hip shots.


The Massey system, which I'll link later, has Bishop Brossart ranked number 54 in Kentucky which I think is remarkable. The system rates their schedule as the 86th toughest. Again, not too bad.


But you compare the Mustangs schedule to those of the 9th region????? Let's see about some of those:


Boone 5th toughest

Ryle - 11th toughest

Notre Dame - 9th toughest

New Cath - 30th toughest

Highlands - 15th toughest

Holy Cross - 41st toughest

Conner - 58th toughest

Cooper - 75th toughest




Even some from the 10th, which overall ranks poorly in SOS:


Montgomery County - 39th toughest

Campbell County - 74th toughest

GR Clark - 80th toughest


You didn't mention the 8th but let's throw them in a bit also:


Walton Verona - 22nd toughest

South Oldham - 17th toughest

Simon Kenton - 26th toughest

Owen County - 68th toughest

Anderson County - 19th toughest


It would appear you have vastly overstated your case on the schedule comparison issue, and "overstating" could be one of the reasons you are experiencing some of the board backlash, which is what SoftballFan14 was saying earlier.


Hey Bishop Brossart is having a fine, fine year, a year to be proud of. And your enthusiasm and passion is great. But you might want to consider if your full bore approch to "beating the drum" for the Lady Mustangs is taking away from their accomplishments, at least among some in this forum, rather than enhancing those accomplishments.


Just a thought.


Oops, almost forgot........link to Massey System:



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Those are some serious numbers from an unbiased source. Good info WV.


I was having the same thoughts about BGH's approach turning off neutral fans. Even Mustang seems to elude to this in another thread.



As if whatever he says is gospel...:rolleyes:


BGH - you go right ahead and keep tooting the Lady Mustangs' horn! They are a great group of girls and I enjoy the write-ups.

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I like loyal fans even if they are "over the top" like BGH. Regardless of the strength of schedule the Brossart girls have played, you still have to win the games. 20 wins is a good accomplishment, especially with a very young team and I'm sure they are all wonderful young ladies.


It just looks like BGH got called on the carpet a little with the SOS challenge and I think that can turn off some neutral fans.

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Congratulations on the 20 win season so far! Great accomplishment for the girls...


Big Green Horse, I believe what some people may find difficult to swallow with your posts are the occasional over zealous back patting that is done by you. I'm not taking anything away from the girls accomplishments by any means, but how do you "basically win" the Owensboro Holiday Tournament?? I'd say the team that won that tournament was the one that left 4-0 & with trophy......that is how tournaments usually go, right???

Again, great job on the girls season. Hoping they continue to add wins and grow in experience!


Disagree & Agree


Disagree in the fact that I see NOTHING wrong with my big Green friend "tooting" the Brossart horn. BGH has alot of pride for his Mustangs and I salute him for that. Agree however, that if they "lay an egg" I would expect a report that reflects that. I will not hold back on reporting, the good, the bad, & the ugly for my team.

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