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Over or Under - Obama and the Dow

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1. Will the Dow close over or under 8,000 today?


2. If the Dow closes sharply down, will the media dare link the drop to Obama's inauguration?


3. If the market rallies after the inauguration ceremony, will the media credit Obama with the surge?



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OK Hoot ,I'm gonna bite. I'll probably get blasted , but I'm gonna bite.

1. Just barely

2. not a chance (hold on a minute, they are getting ready to play hell to the chief):popcorn:

3. no chance in ?:D


I am debating whether this is an attempt at a clever editorial or simply a spelling mistake?

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1. Maybe

2. Hell no

3. "Already we can see how strongly Americans believe in Obama, only hours after taking office, already we're starting to see change we can believe in." This is how I'd expect the media to run their opening headlines. This would be the case no doubt.

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1. Yes.

2. No, Bush's fault

3. Yes, Anointed One gets all the credit.


I do love how the media says with a straight face that they will hold Obama accountable.


Well he's offocially in !......................... wait a minute, I see change already!!:notworthy:

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The Dow closed down 7,944.47 points today, a loss of 4.07%. Does anybody know what the largest drop in the Dow has been on inaugural day for previous presidents?




Banks and Profit Worries Sink Stocks; Dow Slips Below 8,000- AP The dawn of the Obama presidency could not shake Wall Street from its dejection over the banking industry's growing problems. After hearing the new president's inaugural address Tuesday, investors went back to unloading stocks, sending the major indexes down more than 3 percent and the Dow Jones industrials down more than 300 points. Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange paused at times to watch the inauguration ceremony and Obama's remarks, but the transition of power didn't erase investors' intensifying concerns about the struggling economy.




Wall Street hammered by bank sector fears

Fears of a spreading global banking crisis weighed on Wall Street, sending stocks down even as Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president.


Reuters: US STOCKS-Wall St slides on banks, large-cap techs


NEW YORK, Jan 20 (Reuters) - U.S. stocks fell to their worst day in nearly two months on Tuesday as President Barack Obama took office amid growing troubles in the banking sector and grim profit outlooks that hurt stocks across the board.


"The decline stems from the financials and the banks and from those who fear that the banks will go the way of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac," said Carl Birkelbach, head of Birkelbach Management in Chicago.


"In other words, they will be taken over by the government in many cases and the shareholders will lose out."

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