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Cubs/Dodgers NLDS Game 3 Updates

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Definately got a knack for pointing out the obvious


Don't let it get to you, Rocket. I find it mildly humorous the way the Cubs haters have come out of the woodwork. I would hate to think I spent more time worrying about a team that I "hated" than my own team.:sssh:


That being said, if the Cubs hitters would quit trying to pull everything and just shorten their swings, maybe they could get something going. The all-around execution has been pitiful, just like last postseason. I cannot figure it out. I will say this, something is wrong with the TBS sound system. People on here blasted the "unintelligent Cubs fans" for booing all the time, but it sounds like the Dodger fans are booing as well. When Fontenot got hurt earlier, it sounded like they were booing vigorously, and I seriously doubt that they were. There must be something going on with TBS. Anyone else notice it?

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