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1/22 AP Poll

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1. Mason Co

2. Bryan Station

3. Lexington Catholic

4. Scott Co

5. Elliott Co

6. Lou. Male

6. Holmes

8. Lou. Jeffersontown

9. Muhlenberg North

10. Lex. Paul Dunbar


Mason Co rcd 8 first place votes, Bryan Station 4, Lex Cath 1.


Other teams getting votes:

Lou. Eastern

Shelby Valley

Lou. Dupont Manual


June Buchanan

Jackson Co

Lou. Ballard

Cov Cath


Clark Co

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How does Highlands not get any votes but CovCath does?



Lets see, CovCath has lost five games so far this year, two to the number 1 team in the AP poll Mason County, one each to (6) Holmes, Boone County and Highlands. However they have beaten #3 LexCath, #5 Elliott County and and as I said lost in OT to #6 Holmes in OT at Holmes. Now how many teams has HHS/Boone even played in the top five/ten much less beaten in the top five/ten?

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Looks like a good list, but realistically I think the top 4 could all be tied for 1st. Any of those teams can be the best in the state on any given day. If Elliot Co. lost to Rose Hill, how did they move UP in the polls?


I would say the polls had already been done before the EC/RH game. Thats just a guess. :thumb:

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