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Alright, so I've set the league up. Scoring is pretty standard and there's a cap of 12 teams. I've always wanted to do a basketball keeper league so I'm pretty excited about it. I guess I kinda fancy this as the basketball version of Godot's football league.


The online draft is set for the 22 of October, but that's more of a place holder if we can't decide on a better way to draft. I would prefer to do it as a thread, but we can discuss it more once the league is set.


I suppose for this season I'm not going to make it a really selective league. First 12 to sign up will be in. But please, take it seriously. If you don't think you'll be able to keep up with it, don't sign up. I know we have a lot of guys (and girls) on here who can make this league really work, so I'm excited.


If you have any comments/suggestions for this league, let me know!


Yahoo! league:

League ID: 24753

Password: bluegrass

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