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Beat Frank's Five - Week 4 Contest

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Frank's Week 4: Games and Predictions

NDA at Dixie (Wed, Aug 31st): Frank's pick = NDA                                                                                                    

Cooper at Simon Kenton (Wed, Aug 31st):  Frank's pick = Cooper

Campbell County at Highlands (Sat, Sep 3rd): Frank's pick = Highlands

Beechwood at Conner (Sat, Sep 3rd): Frank's pick = Conner

Wildcard game for the 5th pick:

Charlotte FC at FC Cincinnati (Sat, Sep 3rd):  Frank's pick = FC CINCINNATI

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Well after the 2 games of the contest last night we have some news:

@se7ens is sitting in the driver seat about to "BEAT FRANK" since he picked SK over Cooper and has the rest of the 3 games the same as Frank.  The ONLY thing that can save Frank from getting beat is Mother Nature....remember after Week 1 I added a Minimum games that need to be officially played to 3 games, we only have 2 games in the books, so as long as just one of the games scheduled for Saturday gets played @se7ens will BEAT FRANK.

The one contestant casualty of the evening is @Sbreeze not predicting any of the 2 games last night correctly putting him in a hole that he will not be able to get out of to be able to BEAT FRANK.

All the other contestants are still alive with the 3 games on Saturday to play. Actually 2 games that matter (everyone picked Conner over Beechwood).

Good luck everyone 

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15 hours ago, FrankNicodemus said:

I apologize for putting a curse potentially on the games tomorrow but I really don't want to get "Beat".

Forecast looks a little crappy..... @se7ensjust needs one game to be official.....


Rain Bad Weather GIF - Rain Bad Weather Mood - Discover ...

They will get the Beechwood vs Conner game in. It kicks off in 3 hours. Storms roll in around 1. So quite possible the other two don’t happen.

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