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2017-2018 Predictions

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Even though it is LeBron James against the world with no help for the 15th consecutive season, I feel like he will make it back to the Finals. And like last year he will be super excited that he put up great numbers against the Warriors and can again say, "I did all I could do."

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In all seriousness, I think Embiid can be the stud of all studs of the NBA. But let's not ignore that he has played in a total of 31 games out of the 246 games the 76ers have played since he was drafted.


Because, as crazy as it sounds, they have a smart front office.


"Look, Joel, I know you're a stud, you know you're a stud, some guy in Kentucky who watched you play a few games for Kansas knows you're a stud. Let's not rush into this and end up paying you $40M per year before we can even put a decent team on the floor around you. Trust the process, big fella."


"Cool, but I want $10 every time someone uses #TrustTheProcess ."



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