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South Oldham 35 Boone County 14

Randy Parker

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S. Oldham 20 Boone Co 14 at one point, I got via text at 9:20 pm. Then at 9:30 pm I got a text that it was S. Oldham 28, Boone 14. At 9:35 I received a text that said 35-14. I don't know what happened in the game since I was not present but it appears Boone hung with them for a long time and then things happened quickly. I don't know if it was turn-overs, penalties, or just quick strikes by S. Oldham.


I still contend that Boone can play football and are within striking distance of a victory. I hoped it would come last night.


Does anyone have a summary of the game or wish to share some insight into the ebb and flow of the game? It would be appreciated.

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