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Undefeateds at Christmas


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I count five teams but may have missed one somewhere.


Region 1 - Paducah-Tilghman and McCracken County

Region 2 - Christian County

Region 4 - Franklin-Simpson

Region 12 - Mercer County


Not saying they're going to stay that way, just an observation.

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Mercer County will be expected to win every game they have until further notice. Who beats them and how will be interesting if it happens.


They'll be a favorite, but if they have to play Montgomery County on Montgomery's home court in their tournament next week it could be a good one.

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The only possible trip-up I see for Mercer before post season would be at Lafayette. At Wayne Co. at Southwestern, and Cordia, could possibly upset them, but I don't see it.


Paducah Tilghman will most likely lose this week in the Meijer Holiday Classic..

McCracken will lose against Paducah Tilghman

Christian County have a couple of games they could lose (Bowling Green, Hopkinsville 2x, and Paducah Tilghman)

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