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1A Playoff Predictions


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I've got:


Russellville vs. Beechwood

Paintsville vs. Pikeville


Beechwood vs. Paintsville


Beechwood is my 1A champion


Same for me as well, BUT WAIT JUST A MINUTE. Pikeville and believe it or Raceland/Paris/Fairview/Hazard could manage to pull some massive turnarounds and or upsets.


Raceland: If they play like they did at Russell, limit the silly penalties, they are back in my discussion for contenders, a round 2 match up with Paintsville stands in the way of that if they can put together another solid performance against Brossart.


-Fairview: the win over Raceland has that team believing and they will be a totally different team to deal with in the post season.


-Hazard: has been extremely banged up but have started filling thise holes left by said injuries.


-Pikeville: a mutch better team than they were when they oost to Paintsville early in the season.


-Paris: May very well be better than I thought.


All in all, my gut tells me its goina be as the quotesays. But, i am not so certain that there wont be some cinderella magic this post season on one side of the bracket, hell maybe both!

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Paintsville has a tough task having to ️️possibly beat Raceland, Fairview and Pikeville all a 2nd time this year. Tough beating good programs twice. It looks like Paintsville and Pikeville could be on a collision course for each other in the final 4. It would be the biggest 1A ️game I remember in the mountains rivaling the 80's Beechwood/Pikeville matchup. A lot of ball left to play. Those 2 teams are friends in the Summer, want to put the other out bad and both vastly improved especially on offense since the 1st overtime game. Be awesome to see it happen, be great for small town football!

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