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Officer Fired After Killing Suspect


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Anyone been following the Christian Taylor shooting in Arlington, TX?



Initial story: Taylor came onto a car lot after midnight. Security company watching video called police saying a man was breaking into a car. Suspect then drove his own car through the front of the dealership and ended up inside.


Police show up , scuffle ensues, rookie officer shoots and kills Taylor.


Video was released that showed Taylor on the lot. Looked to be "on something." However, we could not see what happened with the police.


Story comes out today that Arlington PD fired the rookie officer for lying and for shooting. He never came into contact with Taylor - never got within 10 feet. Saw a "bulge" in his pocket and assumed it was a gun. Fired a few teams and killed him.


Arlington PD does not wear a body camera.

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I saw the video yesterday on tv. But didn't see video of the actual shooting so I guess that doesn't exist.


Was the officer required to take a polygraph? How did they figure he lied?


Sounds like the office admitted to it.


He was told to "establish a perimeter" but , instead, went into the dealership. He said he was afraid he would overpowered and that's why he fired.

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