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The Undertaker's Streak

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I'm a die-hard wrestling fan and I don't think it's any secret that The Undertaker is one of my all-time favorite wrestlers.


Brock Lesnar was the 1 in 21-1 and I don't know if anyone knows it but Brock is actually in his 40's, not a young superstar.


So my question is, should The Undertaker's streak have came to an end? If so, which superstar should have been the one to end it?




Also, with Bray Wyatt's clean win over Ambrose in the ambulance match on Raw, the feeling in the WWE is that the dead man could be making his presence here soon...

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Less than even a casual viewer of wrestling for the last decade or so, but a story line that has Lesnar doing anything "Historic" is IMO a bad decision.


Taker should have never had to lose to him. Its as bad as having Goldberg lose to the booker at the time Kevin Nash to end his streak.

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