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Age Requirement for Coaches


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didnt those requirement change? Pretty sure head coach can be hired now as para professional


You can be a para, but you still must have at least 64 hours, although I believe there is a class/seminar that you can take if you are short of this requirement. At least in my school district.

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My opinion is that a Head coach of any sport should require they be at least 25 years of age. Whether they are qualified by state regulations or not. I witnessed 2 head coaches of 2 totally different sports this past year make some pretty bad ill advised decisions. One worse than the other......Just not mature enough to lead our children. I also think coaches should require Asst coaching experience as well before leading a team. Way too may coaches are awarded Head Coaching positions just because......JMO!


Why 25? I don't know....I had to come up with something!

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