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Dave Cantrall's Rating the State 6A


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1. St. Xavier 90.5


2. Scott Co. 85.5


3. PRP 80.9


4. Butler 80.5


5. Eastern 79.1


6. Male 78.9


7. Ballard 75.9


8. Bryan Station 75.2


9. Manual 74.6


10. Meade Co. 74.0


11. Simon Kenton 73.8


12. Henry Clay 73.2


13. Lafayette 72.8


14. Boone Co. 71.4


15. Ryle 70.4


16. Campbell Co. 70.1


17. Madison Cent. 67.3


18. Tates Creek 60.0


19. Central Hardin 57.3


20. Dixie Heights 56.8


21. Oldham Co. 56.7


22. Clark Co. 56.2


23. Fern Creek 56.0


24. Seneca 54.0


25. Nelson Co. 46.7


26. Paul Dunbar 46.0


27. Marshall Co. 44.4


28. Daviess Co. 37.1


29. Southern 35.6


30. Muhlenberg Co. 13.7


Read more here: High school football: Dave Cantrall's Rating the State | High school football | Kentucky.com

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This is a magic number problem like always, this stuff is complete garbage early in the year.


I would sure like to know how 0-3 Boone County is ranked four spots ahead of 2-0 Madison Central that beat Boone County by 9 to start the season.


Again, magic number problem...

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Guru hit the nail on the head. Magic algorithms that mean nothing this early in the season. No credit for rebuilding teams from the year prior. Direct head to heads like the central/Boone comparison, not a bunch of stock in the rankings for a couple more weeks.

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Where is Henderson County in the MIX?


Henderson County's first two games were against Indiana teams. This week's win over Christian County was their first game in Kentucky, so they will not be ranked by Cantrell until they play Bowling Green this Friday. Trinity and Henderson County are two teams ranked by BGP that do not show up as yet in Cantrell.

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