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  1. Will Stein and Cam Smyth both started as seniors w/o startling as juniors or sophomores and I believe the team did fine. As for Bonnafon, it's tough to argue any of the other QBs in the program starting over him. As for starting a non-senior to prepare for the future, see Brohm, Petrino and Wright! I think Beatty knows what he's doing!
  2. Around 240 through the air and 160 on the ground and I think he's accounted for each TD??
  3. Bertram and Jordan will go to WKU as preferred walk-ons. At least that is my understanding. Congrats to them both! No word on Bobby Bryant.
  4. Count me as one Trinity grad who won't bail! Side note...of the three Rock supporters who'd rather see him go elsewhere, I believe one is a Trinity grad.
  5. You're absolutely correct re Coverdale's RnS influences. Thanks for setting me straight!
  6. Both had their own offensive philosophies prior to Trinity, Beatty the run and shoot, Cov well, check out a copy of "The Bunch Attack". They joined forces in 2000 and their systems intertwined. It has evolved over the years, incorporating concepts learned from all levels of football. If i had to give it a name it would be a "pro-style-spread". Coverdale should get a lot of credit for evolving the offense and the play calling (Along with some very gifted assistants who are outstanding teachers of the game), but make no mistake, Beatty sets the tone for the Trinity football program! As to the thread title, I cannot see Beatty joining the WKU staff. I could be wrong, but at this stage in his life/career, I don't see him pounding the southeast recruiting trail and working the late hours that Petrino will most certainly demand.
  7. 41-7 Trinity with about 6 minutes left in 3rd. Swabek to Quick for the TD after a PRP turnover.
  8. Quick first player in KY history to score a TD in 4 state championships according to radio call.
  9. Absolutely pains me that I can't make this tonight! First time in like 10 years. Good luck to both teams, but GO ROCKS! Maximo animi ardore!
  10. I saw a tweet today saying 13 St. X players made first team all-district. It got me wondering about the make up of the rest of the team. Does anyone know of a site where I can find this info or could you provide me with a link? Thanks!
  11. Once upon a time, this was a game you had penciled in on your playoff bracket as must see! Tigers cruise in this one.
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