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  1. Scott's class of 2014 is an outstanding class as they went undefeated as freshman. Campbell is a great coach and teacher. Hopefully the Eagles can live up to their potential and make some noise this year and next.
  2. Honestly, I think that Kentuckians as a whole are so far removed from border issues that these things just don't bother them either way. That's just the way it is. Being an ex-drill sergeant my boys are in no way, shape, or form "sissified". People don't have to love every body, just tolerate one another. Though a little love goes a long way these days. Self importance seems to rule the day in America, to the point of sacrificing what our country was founded on. No one person is more important than the many. Concern for others feelings do not matter much either. Love thy neighbor and all that it entails has gone out the window. The point is a lot of tolerance and some forethought work wonders in our relationships with our fellow man.
  3. My two sons mother is from Mexico and I am from here in Northern Kentucky. When I got out of the Army and returned here in '02 my boys were 11 and 5 years old. Now I can say with all honesty that they had to work harder in sports and in school to prove to team mates, coaches, and teachers that they were good enough to start or even just to play. They were called chili pickers among other racist names. Being white myself I have been appalled and really shocked at some of the ignorance that had been directed toward my sons. I have witnessed blatant racism and I have also seen people just being insensitive to others feelings. There is also a difference between political incorrectness and racism. I also believe that we should embrace our differences and show each other a modicum of respect and common every day courtesy. I served my country for many years and nobody loves this great nation more than me, and one thing I learned while in service is that every one was the same despite our supposed differences.
  4. I remember when he was just a little guy watching my son at football practice. He was just a very nice kid and I hope he is now on the right track. Some kids do well for themselves just by getting out of their environments and surroundings. No matter what, to me, he is the poster boy for hard work and dedication and where it will lead you. Good luck Elijah.
  5. I really liked the venue. It was perfect for the 4,300 or so people at the event. Not too crowded but also not too large like Cardinal Stadium was for football.
  6. One kid that I am especially proud of is Scott senior Ryan Sowder who injured his knee rather badly 2 weeks before regionals and still became 6th region's champion 160.By the time state came around he had'nt practiced for three weeks. He won his first two matches by pins, however the pain became too much and he lost his next two. He had placed sixth last year. The young man never complained or made excuses for his losses and he actually apologized to us who came to watch him wrestle.He is definitely a quality young man with a character that is so very rare these days. There is definitely some good news as he has accepted the offer to go to Georgetown and play football! BTW, he is not my son. However he has been a great friend and mentor to my son who is a freshman and to all his team mates. Congrats to this young man and good luck with every thing you do.
  7. With three teams in the top ten, region 6 is definitely tough. Any kid who makes it out there and goes to state is one mean hombre!
  8. TJ is an awesome wrestler,obviously, and I was pulling for him. Ervin is on another level how ever. Ruschell will go be Badger and have an awesome wrestling and academic at Wisconsin.
  9. Scott will have a few frosh that will stand out this year as well.
  10. Spoken like a true homer. Pittman is just a kid. He should be able to play the game he loves without being criticized by the likes of you. Talent wise he is among the very best ballers in the commonwealth. The past three years have proven this out. Just look what the young man and his team mates have accomplished over these very dominant years and your words are very shallow. As the young Pittman has been a very key component to a great run.
  11. First game jitters for the bluebirds I hope!
  12. My son Jarred had just recently played in a scrimmage against Beechwood. Well he noticed a pimple or an ingrown on his leg. Well when he went to go take pictures with his teammates. Well the parents noticed that his leg was red and quite swollen. Well jarred noticed a little bump where the ingrown hair was. So he took his hands and pressed down on it and the nastiest black ooze came out!:puke: Well when Jarred and I entered the hospital the doctors gave him medicine and he was told he was going to spend the night. Well Jarred was told by the doctors that he will stay at the hospital for a day or two and would return for Colerain. Well, one day after the next the doctors told Jarred he would have to spend an extra day in the hospital. He ended up staying in the hospital for 10 days. After the surgery the doctors had informed me that jarred would not be able to play most of his senior year and could most likely miss the playoffs. Lets just say Jarred wasn't too fond of doctors after that! He went from 240 to 215 in 10 days!. Well Jarred did not only overcome this obstacle by playing 4 weeks earlier than expected. He also ended up doing very well in school even though he missed the first two months. MRSA is an infection that I prey that all parents warn their kids about! Well Jarred's leg is looking much better and I'm proud to say he will serve our country in the USMC!
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